Vice President Chen Jingying Attended IBA Confucius Classroom Council

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From 16th 11. to 23rd, 11., SLUAF Vice President, Professor Chen Jingying led a panel of five visiting HSBA (Hamburg School of Business Administration), University of Hohenheim, and IBA (International Business School), where the third Confucius Classroom Council conference was held.

HSBA provides an innovative study mode dubbed “sandwich courses”, which highlights real positions for students to participate real practice in companies after finishing courses of basic business knowledge. With this approach, students’ competitiveness will be strengthened for they could consult their mentors in working out solutions and see the effectiveness firsthand.

Being a specialist instead of a generalist opens up many opportunities for the University of Hohenheim, who is therefore particularly proud of  developing innovative solutions for some of society's pressing problems. SLUAF visiting panel carried on an in-depth conversation over the international academic programs, featured diploma courses and potential breakpoints in cooperation with University of Hohenheim. Consensuses were satisfyingly reached on   partnerships in programs such as business administration. Official agreements are to be signed as long as details are determined.


 On 21st , 11., SLUAF delegation attended the 3rd Confucius Classroom Council at IBA, Kolding. The conference was presided over by IBA president Niels Egelund, while Ms Ildikó Antal, the coordinator from IBA and Ms. Xu Xiaoqing reported to the council members on the work done in 2017 and presented a working plan for the coming year. Vice President Chen Jingying appraised the achievements and was impressed by the fast progress. On behalf of President Tang Haiyan, Vice President Chen expressed full support in promoting SLUAF Confucius Classroom to a higher level of Confucius Institute and brought about a three-point framework of the future work: first, by authoring high-quality textbooks for business Chinese, IBA Confucius Classroom (IBACC) could highlight the feature of business-related language teaching, thus be of better service for the project; second, IBACC could exert more impact by offering classes for nearby cities in Denmark, as well as offering online courses; third, colorful activities centered by Chinese language and culture should be further promoted, including singing Chinese songs, appreciating Chinese ancient poetry and performing Chinese traditional handicrafts.

Vice President Chen met with SLUAF exchange students at IBA, discussed about their study and overseas life, and delivered best wishes.

SLUAF delegation also visited Mr. Zhang Yun, official from embassy, who expressed high affirmation towards the huge progress by IBACC and full support of our promotion of a Confucius Institute highlighting business Chinese learning.