Fencing Team Bagged Numerous Medals in Collegiate Fencing Championships Held in Hungary

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On may 5 and may 6, National Collegiate Fencing Championships were held in Debrecen, an eastern city of Hungary. As a cooperative university of the Hungary University of Physical Education, the fencing team of our university participated in 12 competitions, including Men’s Epee, Women’s Epee, Men’s Foil, Women’s Foil, Men’s Saber , Women’s Saber and Relay competitions. In these competitions, the experienced fencers gave rein to their technical advantages. They overcame injuries and achieved remarkable results; as for younger team members, they also demonstrated their own strengths and learned from the experienced as well as obtained satisfactory achievements. As a result, Wu Zhuosheng, an athlete from our university, won the first prize in Men’s Foil Individual; Xu Mengxu won the second prize in Women’s Foil Individual; Dong Wenwen won the third prize in Women’s Foil Individual; Hu Yanjing won the third prize in Women’s Saber Individual; Jiang Yiwen ranked the fifth in Women’s Saber Individual; Zhang Yu ranked the fifth in Men’s Foil Individual; Wang Haiqing ranked the seventh in Men’s Epee Individual; Wu Zhuosheng, Zhang Yu, Cai Lingfeng and Qiu Jiawei won the second prize in the Men’s Foil Team; Xu Mengxu, Dong Wenwen and Zhu Yimin won the first prize in Women’s Foil Team; Hu Yanjing, Jiang Yiwen and Chen Siqi won the third prize in Women’s Saber Team; Zhang Chenghao, Wang Shengfan, Yang Di and Ding Yi ranked the fourth in Men’s Saber Team; Wu Zhuosheng, Xu Mengxu, Zhang Chenghao, Hu Yanjing, Shi Xufeng and Zhu Yimin won the second prize in the relay competition. Delegates from our university ranked the first in the total point ranking.


More than ten teams participated in the National Collegiate Fencing Championships of Hungary. The competition is not only a high-level event in the fencing sport of Hungary, but is a designated point-based competition of International Fencing Federation. 

The participation of students from our university in the National Collegiate Fencing Championship of Hungary attracted the attention of local media. During the competition, Li Xinglin, the deputy dean of Sports and Health Department and the head of the delegation received an interview with a Hungarian television station. He said in the interview that under the recommendation of Hungarian China-Euro Cultural Education Fund, our university signed a framework agreement on “Belt and Road” cooperation with Hungary University of Physical Education. It aimed to make Hungary help us in training and cultivating sports talents in its traditional advantageous sports events. Through the participation in the event, it promoted sports and cultural exchanges and enhanced friendship between the two countries.


Dr. Mózes Székely, Secretary-General of Collegiate Sports Association of Hungary sent congratulations to Hungarian China-Euro Cultural Education Fund to express his recognition of the spirits of our university's athletes, featuring solidarity, friendliness and positiveness. He hoped that we could continue to boost exchanges and cooperation. He expressed that China’s “Belt and Road” Initiative is closely connected with Hungary’s “Opening to the East” policy and wished that our visit to Hungary would bring friendship back to China. Meanwhile, our university also sent an invitation to the Collegiate Sports Association of Hungary to invite the Hungarian delegation of university students to participate in the “International Collegiate Fencing Elite Competition” held by our university in08ust. Dr. Mózes Székely pleasantly accepted the invitation and hoped that college students from China and Hungary could maintain in-depth exchanges and cooperation in all sectors.

201805100959027.jpgOn the morning of may 7, Wang Zheng, the Culture Counselor of Chinese Embassy in Hungary visited the team leader and all the team members when the delegation was about to depart for Shanghai. He extended congratulations on the successes achieved by the fencing athletes in the National Collegiate Fencing Championship of Hungary. He gave a brief introduction to the relationship between China and Hungary and the frequent cultural exchanges and friendly communications between China and Hungary over recent years. He encouraged college students to seize opportunities to conduct extensive exchanges and in-depth cooperation with high-level peers in the global arena.


Participation in the National Collegiate Fencing Championship of Hungary is one of the important events for our fencing team during the visit to Czech Republic and Hungary. This visit was led by Li Xinglin with a total of 19 delegates, which lasted for 12 days. All the 17 students in the delegation are fencing team members of our university. The purpose of the visit was to conduct exchanges and interactions in fencing after the signing of strategic cooperation framework agreement under the “Belt and Road” Initiative between our university and Hungary University of Physical Education. Meanwhile, it enhanced the competitiveness and skills of fencing athletes in our university.

Before the competition, fencers were trained in three fencing clubs, including Czech Fencing Association and Hungary Fencing Association in Prague and Budapest. They interacted with excellent athletes from Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. By means of scientific training methods, fencers benefited a lot in competitive and strategic sense. It was also a warm up and accumulated experience for the later competition.