Distinguished Guests from Niagra University visited SLUAF

By: / From: Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance/ Date:0702,2018/ View:3Set up the

Niagra University president Professor James J.Maher and vice president for international relationship Mr. Kevin G Creagh visited Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance last week. They were warmly greeted by Professor Tang Haiyan and Vice president Professor Gu Xiaomin.


President Tang summarized the fruitful history of the cooperation before briefing the current situation of SLUAF. He said the collaboration is hopeful and promising.

Vice President Gu Xiaomin made a sketchy introduction on discipline construction, international partnership and academic research.


Professor James J.Maher expressed strong interest in Chinese culture and said he expects SLUAF students and teaching faculty to visit Niagra University. Management of two universities discussed further possibilities in joint research and faculty exchange.

Shao 06, Dean of School of Accounting and Lee Tenpao, well-known foreign teacher of the School of International Economics and trade attended the meeting.

A peek into Niagra University

Located in the beautiful Lewiston of Upstate New York, Niagara University has a long history of 160 years. As a well-known US private university recognized by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, it consists of a main campus in the U.S. and a campus in Canada, has four colleges (i.e., the college of liberal arts, the business college, the college of education and the college of tourism management), and is qualified to confer bachelor, master and Ph.D. degrees.

Since the establishment of partnership in 2014, the two universities have cooperated in student exchange program, master program, visiting scholar and many other aspects. Professor Lee Tenpao was offered tenure as a well-known foreign teacher of SLUAF.