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  • "Shanghai Finance University is, a research based and service institution, long committed to excellence and access of undergraduate and graduate students in the liberal arts and sciences."
    "Founded with good principles, Shanghai Finance University is one of the best public colleges in Shanghai and the country, dedicated from its earliest days to serving a student body, which reflects the diversity of China. I take pride in being a student here and the success it has over the years in enabling the people like me be a better global citizen."
    "If you are in China and not here then you are missing a lot because SFU combines the strengths of their varied experiences with the skills they need to participate effectively in the wider society."

     -- Class of 2010, Adzaxo Washington Mawuena(Ghana)

  • "Overall, my experience here has been positive, the teachers are very helpful, at least the ones I had, one can also make a lot of new friends around the campus. They use American text books for most of the subjects, and Classes teach a lot of Theory, more practical information would definitely be useful, inside the campus you have supermarkets, coffee shops and nice restaurant around, the area is getting more accessible with the new mall at Minyao road and bus connection to subway at Jinhai road makes it more closer to the city center."

     -- Class of 2010, Abdourahamane ly