2017 Spring On-campus Job Fairs

By: / From: Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance/ Date:1017,2018/ View:4Set up the

To further promote the employment work of our graduates of the class 2017 and improve employment quality, Lixin held two spring on-campus job fairs in the libraries of our Pudong Campus and Songjiang Campus on march 31 and april 6, respectively. Xu Mei, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and Vice President of Lixin attended the events to provide on-site instructions. Under the meticulous organization and active coordination by the Office of Employment and Entrepreneurship, 112 high-quality enterprises were selected from more than 260 registered companies, including Shanghai Branch of the Agricultural Bank of China, Shanghai Branch of Citibank, China Construction Eighth Engineering Division (CCEED), Shanghai Gas (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Municipal Investment (Group) Corporation, Shanghai Construction Estate and so forth. They jointly provided more than 1,500 posts, covering accounting, finance and all the other undergraduate specialties opened by Lixin. More than 600 class 2017 graduates of Lixin participated in the two job fairs.

Our graduates, holding their resumes, walked into the site in order, and carefully inquired their interested companies; the employers patiently listened to and answered their questions, and highly praised our graduates for their enthusiasm and cautious attitude. Seen from the scene of the fairs, smooth communication and exchange were realized between graduates and employers, and preliminary recruitment intentions were reached in quite a few cases.

From the beginning of this semester, the Office of Employment and Entrepreneurship has been actively preparing for the two job fairs, and delivering information about employers to our graduates through our WeChat official account and the “Employment Information Service Website of Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance”. The Student Career Development Association of each campus has also been providing active assistance and offering considerate services to our graduates.

The holding of the two job fairs constitutes an important part of our spring on-campus job fairs. They not only created an ideal job-hunting environment for our graduates, but also played a significant role in terms of expanding our employment market and improving the quality of our graduates.