Short-term Visiting Students from the University of Bedfordshire

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On april 6, nine students from the University of Bedfordshire paid a one-week short-term visit to the School of Foreign Languages of SLUAF.

At the welcoming ceremony, Tu Liping, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages expressed her warm welcome to the visiting students; Bai Wei, teacher of the School of Foreign Languages, introduced the basic information of Shanghai and the historical culture of SLUAF via PPT. This is the first visiting delegation received by the School of Foreign Languages, and, based on meticulous preparations and contacts, the school organized Chinese course, introduction to China, English salon, Chinese tea art experience, folk music appreciation, Chinese cooking, Tai Chi experience course, tour to Shanghai, tour to ancient towns, and many other series activities, which greatly enriched the students’ understanding and appreciation of Chinese history, culture, education, local history and customs, etc.

At the graduation ceremony, the school granted graduation certificates to the visiting students, who shared their learning experiences. Some of them expressed their willingness to participate in the long-term exchange programs of SLUAF, and invited the teachers and students of the School of Foreign Languages to visit London again for cooperation and exchange.

The predecessor of the University of Bedfordshire was Luton University first founded in 1903, and, as one of the more than 100 formal national universities, it has a century-old history of teaching undergraduate level courses. The international exchange and cooperation between the University of Bedfordshire and SLUAF started many years ago, and, on february 12-27, 2017, the School of Foreign Languages sent a delegation of 46 students and two teachers to the University of Bedfordshire for an exchange and visiting tour.