Principal of the Global Certification Center of CIMA Visited School of Accounting

By: / From: Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance/ Date:1017,2018/ View:55Set up the

On april 20, Karen Phang, Principal of the Global Certification Center of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA); Celine Ji, Educational Development Director in North Asia; and 03tin Feng, Director in East China, visited School of Accounting. They were warmly received by Shao 06, Dean of the School of Accounting; Lin Zhenxing, Vice Dean of the School of Accounting; Dong Shijun, Director of International Program Center, and others. The two sides engaged in in-depth discussions about the new patterns of future cooperation.

Shao 06 expressed his welcome to our guests on behalf of the School of Accounting, reviewed the close cooperation history between the two sides since 2014, and introduced to them the basic situation of SLUAF CIMA class. He also expressed his hope that the two sides could actively explore the possibility of new cooperation patterns, and also proposed many effective and feasible suggestions with regard to the undergraduate accounting programs, undergraduate dual-degree programs and graduate education programs between the two sides for the CIMA program in the future.

Karen Phang affirmed the new ideas put forward by Shao 06 about the future cooperation between the two sides, and said that CIMA would provide full support in meeting the demands of the School of Accounting, introduce excellent overseas teachers into the CIMA class, invite CIMA members with rich practical experience from enterprises and institutions for experience sharing with students, create more enterprise visit opportunities for students, and actively promote the development of high-quality industry-university-research bases and learning bases by the School of Accounting. Celine Ji said that CIMA was currently preparing more and better faculty training activities, and that this would further improve the professional capabilities of the faculty of the School of Accounting.

It was the unanimous agreement between the two sides that they should continuously deepen their cooperation, introduce high-quality educational resources from both at home and abroad via the resources network of CIMA, further improve the talent cultivation quality of the CIMA class, provide more internship and practice opportunities for the students of the School of Accounting, and jointly cultivate more excellent management accounting talents.