University Leaders Saluted SLU's First CIIE Volunteers

By: Pu Heng/ From: Youth League Committee/ Date:1112,2018/ View:30Set up the

On November 9th afternoon, Li Shiping, Chair of University Council, Tang Haiyan, President, Wang Junhua, Vice Presdient, and Zhu Yabing, Vice Presdient, accompanied by Liu Wei and Dai Bing, Deputy Secretaries of the Shanghai Municipal Communist Youth League Committee, and Xu Su, Head of the School and College Department, visited the National Convention and Exhibition Center and greeted SLU’s volunteers participating in the first China International Import Expo (CIIE).

The university leaders first came to the registration and certificate management center, cordially visited and shaked hands with the volunteers who served in the CIIE Security Bureau. As our university’s first batch of volunteers serving the CIIE, six students started working successively since mid-September. Li Shiping fully affirmed their unremitting efforts made to the CIIE. He said that it was their hard work in the early stage that the fair could be held smoothly.

At the CIIE Business Promotion Division, the university leaders cordially greeted the volunteers who worked in the transaction statistics team. Li Shiping encouraged the volunteers who are in the good times to work harder and pass on the spirit of volunteerism. At the same time, he hoped that in this volunteer service, the volunteers could demonstrate the spiritual outlook of contemporary Shanghai youths and realize their self-values by practical actions and achieve continuous growth and progress. The university leaders sent the carefully prepared U-shaped pillows to the volunteers and hoped that they take a good rest and serve in the best condition. Liu Wei, Deputy Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Communist Youth League Committee, hoped to see SLU’s volunteers in the future CIIE and jointly demonstrate an unusual China International Import Expo.

Then, the leaders of the university and the Municipal Communist Youth League Committee came to Hall 7.1 to greet the volunteers of the exhibition affairs team. When they learned that the volunteers had to leave the university at 6am, Tang Haiyan exhorted them to pay attention to their health and put on more clothes to avoid colds. He kindly asked their majors and breaks, and also learned more about the difficulties and inconveniences encountered by volunteers during their work. He advised them not to panic if they encountered difficulties in their work and contact the university and the responsible teacher at the first time and the university would always be the warmest haven and the most solid backing for the volunteers.

At Hall 8.1 the Home of Volunteers, the university leaders held a brief talk with more than 20 volunteer representatives from SLU. At the meeting, volunteer representatives spoke enthusiastically and shared their perceptions on participating in the first CIIE. Volunteers thanked the university and the teachers for their support, so that they could go to work without any worries and wholeheartedly serve the CIIE. Everyone said that they were very fortunate to be able to participate in the volunteer service of the first CIIE, and hoped to help more friends at home and abroad to showcase the charms of SLU students. On behalf of the university, Li Shiping thanked the volunteers for their hard work for the first CIIE. He said that from the enthusiasm and selfless dedication of the volunteers, he felt the vitality of the youths, and he also saw the shining point of the young generations to shoulder heavy responsibilities. He put forward two hopes for the volunteers present: First, he hoped that our Little Leaves could pass the spirit of Lixin to more people around them through the Expo; Secondly, he hoped that everyone could learn to think and verify in practice and develop a deeper understanding to the world, the society and even themselves. He asked them to continue to improve their learning ability through the spirit of volunteerism after returning to university, demand themselves with higher standards, and at the same time, shared their stories of dedications with their classmates, thereby encouraging the Lixin Youths, cultivating their positive spirit and physical soundness, and fostering a sense of becoming the “Pacesetters” in volunteer service. At the meeting, the university leaders also presented the 90th Anniversary Commemorative Album to the volunteers as a commemorative gift.

The first China International Import Expo opened on November 5th at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. 120 volunteers from our school were selected to participate in the event and provide service at 6 posts, including CIIE Security Office, Operational Coordination Group, Exhibition Affairs Group, Business Promotion Office and Transaction Statistics Group, and covering services of pre-stage certificate production, on-site guidance during the exhibition, coordinated operation of the supporting activities, communications with the trading groups, and the entry and verification of the transaction data.

It took the volunteers nearly three hours every day to travel between SLU and the National Convention and Exhibition Center, but the long journey did not kill their enthusiasm. In the face of the long-time training and numerous rules and regulations, the students never complained. Every morning, our Little Leaves got up early with enthusiasm and gathered at the National Convention and Exhibition Center. They were fully devoted to the uncommon China International Import Expo with constant enthusiasm and patience and attention to each piece of job, showing the good image of Shanghai youth volunteers and unfurling the unique style of Lixin people. The greetings of the leaders of the university and the Municipal Communist Youth League Committee and the encouragement given by the leaders have motivated the volunteers. The students said it was an honor and a responsibility for them to participate in such a grand event. We believed that our Little Leaves would engage themselves into the work with the fullest enthusiasm and the most rigorous state, and successfully complete the volunteer service work of CIIE.