Dorota Witkowska, Full Professor

By: / From: Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance/ Date:0422,2016/ View:12Set up the

We visited Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance to attend the seminar on Comparison of Sino-Polish Pension Systems and Reform, which was organized to exchange the research experience and let us learn that Chinese and Polish demographic problems are quite similar. The seminar was very fruitful and we plan to conduct mutual research concerning comparative analysis of the pension systems in both countries.
During our visit in SLU we have also an opportunity to visit campus. We were impressed by the campus and the training base for the future experts in finance and insurance which seems to be unique. We were warm welcomed by our hosts even during official meetings. We also need to point out great professionalism of International Exchange Office and nice atmosphere, which was accompanying us during our stay in SLU.

—— Department of Finance and Strategic Management, University of Lodz, Poland (head of Polish delegation)

 -- Full Professor, Dorota Witkowska