Ph.D., J.D., Professor, Ling Zhu

By: / From: Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance/ Date:1127,2018/ View:15Set up the

I came to Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance in this summer under the “Overseas Distinguished Professor” program. During my firstmonth at SLU, I gave a seminar to the faculty of School of Information Management, presenting my recently published research on the helpfulness ofonline review. We had an interestingdiscussion on how the theoretical model developed in my research could beapplied in the real world to distinguish true online reviews from those “fake”ones. I also gave a presentation to thefaculty and students of Department of Law on currentlegal issues of IT and e-commerce. Students posed some very good questions on the regulation of bit-coin, Internetcensorship, intellectual property of big data, etc. In addition, I met and talked to manyadministrators, professors and students at various events.

I am veryimpressed by the ambitious visions of university leaders to build a leadingfinance education institution in China. I am also impressed by the professionalism and warmness of staff, particularly those at the International Office and Personnel Office. What impresses me most is the knowledge andcommunication and research skills students possess. I look forward to the class I am going toteach in the coming weeks, and the opportunity of interacting with faculty andstudents more.

—— College of Management, Long Island University Post Campus, New York, U.S.A.

-- Ph.D., J.D., Professor, Ling Zhu