2019 Spring Festival Celebrations at IBACI

By: 郭慧君/ From: 上海立信会计金融学院/ Date:0327,2019/ View:45Set up the

During the Chinese Spring Festival of Pig’s year, IBACI organized a series of celebrations among the staffs, partners and students.

On the 2nd of February, IBACI was invited by Chinese Embassy in Denmark to the ‘2019 Spring Festival Association of Chinese orphans adopted by Danish families’. The cultural event included Chinese cultural seminar, art of Chinese tea, calligraphy and Chinese music. The Chinese and Danish flags were hung in the hall and the melody of Chinese music, lanterns and red Chinese knots created a strong Chinese New Year atmosphere. Around 300 people participated in the event. IBACI presented the history of Chinese New Year to the guests. The guests enjoyed the art of Chinese tea and calligraphy. They also learned a few Chinese songs and played some traditional Chinese games.

On 21st of February, IBACI invited the IBA staff, partners and friends to lunch to thank them for supporting during the last year. The Mayer of Kolding gave a speech to show his support to the corporation between China and Denmark. And musicians from MCI (Confucius Institute of The Royal Danish Academy of Music) played amazing music for everyone. IBACI prepared gifts for all the guests to show the best wishes in the coming new year.

On 5th of March, IBACI invited IBA teachers and students to ‘2019 Spring Festival Lunchat IBA student bar. IBACI introduced the traditions and stories about Spring Festival. Traditional Chinese food was prepared for the guests: Spring rolls, fried noodles and dessert.

On 22nd of March, Chinese Game Corner was held at IBA student bar as the last event of Chinese New Year. Students from Realskolen and IBA participated in several traditional Chinese games in pairs, namely, guessing the word, ringing toss, shuttlecock, mini Ping-Pong and picking up the glass balls with chopsticks. All these activities attracted the students and showed the charm of Chinese traditional culture.