SLU and University of Lodz Held“Sino-Poland Finance and Tax Frontier Forum”

By: Peng Haiyan/ From: School of Finance and Public Administration/ Date:1109,2018/ View:12Set up the

On October 29th, the School of Finance & Public Administration of Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance (SLU) and the University of Lodz, Poland, jointly organized the first “Sino-Poland Finance and Tax Frontier Forum” at the University of Lodz, Poland. An academic delegation, including Peng Duanlian, Dong Wanhao, Li Yonggang and Peng Haiyan, Vice Deans of the school, participated in the meeting. More than 10 research papers from universities and research institutes such as SLU, the University of Lodz and Warsaw University had been received by the meeting. 

Our academic delegation presented six academic reports and exchanges, covering topics of the relationship between government institutional reform and all-round implementation of budget performance management, the performance of government public service outsourcing, the influencing factors of commercial housing prices, the impact of land revenue policy reform on China's economy, the optimal personal income tax analysis, China’s practice on OBOR international taxation and other contents related to financial, tax and economic aspects. More than a dozen of professors and scholars from all over the world reported and discussed the research results on public finance, economics and taxation.

During the visit, SLU academic delegation discussed the cooperation with the University of Lodz, mainly including the joint hosting of the second “Sino-Poland Finance, Economics and Taxation Latest Development Meeting” to be held in 2019 in Shanghai, thesis publication, student cooperative exchanges and mutual recognition of credits, mutual exchange of teachers as visiting scholars, the establishment of joint research groups and other contents.

Our academic team also visited the Law School of the University of Lodz, participated in the mock court demonstration and attended the doctoral class to listen to the international tax-related courses at the Law School of the University of Lodz. Among them, Peng Haiyan and Tan Yusen introduced the latest reform measures of China's international taxation and personal income tax, and discussed with the doctoral students about China's tax reform practice and achievements.

This is the first time that the School of Finance & Public Administration has cooperated with the University of Lodz to hold an international academic conference. It has laid a sound foundation for strengthening cooperation and exchanges with the University of Lodz in the future, and also provided experiences in strengthening cooperation with other universities in the world in the future, enhanced the ability of our teachers to participate in international academic conferences and intensified communication and exchanges with universities or academic institutions in other countries.