2019 Board Meeting of IBA Confucius Institute Successfully Held

By: Guo Huijun/ From: Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance/ Date:1031,2019/ View:15Set up the

On October 28, 2019 Confucius Institute Board Meeting of the International Business Academy (IBA) and SLU was successfully held in Kolding, Denmark. This conference was sponsored by council of Confucius Institute of IBA (IBACI) and co-organized by SLU. Present at the meeting were Niels Egelund, President of IBA and President of the council of Confucius Institute; Professor Gu Xiaomin, Vice President of SLU; both of Chinese and foreign Deans of Confucius Institute; and members of the Council from both sides, 9 members in total.

At the meeting, President Niels Egelund highly affirmed the development achievements of IBACI, thanked for the joint efforts made by both sides, and hoped that our two universities could continue to cooperate with each other, to promote the construction of various undertakings of IBACI and realize inter-institutional cooperation more broadly and deeply.

Gu Xiaomin, Vice President of SLU, thanked IBA for its continued substantial support to the operations of the Confucius Institute and the preparatory work for this council. Moreover, she put forward the future priority of IBACI development, which is to continue to bring its superiority in financial professional areas into full play, to focus on the establishment of alliance of Business Confucius Institute in Yangtze River Delta and Sino-Danish Business Research Center, and to furtherly promote scientific research, academic exchange and a closer combination on the exchange visits between teachers and students from both sides.

The council members spoke out on the idea of the Sino-Danish Business Research Center proposed by SLU, before reaching a consensus on the necessity of the establishment of the Center that it will provide Sino-Danish enterprises with cross-cultural consulting services and applied subject on international comparative study. Meanwhile, the action plan on how to steadily push forward the establishment of this center was discussed by the meeting, ripe for a specific construction plan to be issued in the first half of 2020.

The foreign dean of Confucius Institute started the topic with the success upgrading process from Confucius Classroom to Confucius Institute, and she introduced the current work of IBACI, and reported to the council members on the budget declaration of Confucius Institute in 2019 and 2020. The Chinese dean of Confucius Institute made a statement and reported to the council on the final accounts of Confucius Institute in 2018. Afterwards, the council members of both sides discussed the development plan of Confucius Institute in 2020, the agenda of the opening ceremony of IBACI to be held the next day, and the multi-directional inter-insititutional cooperation.

After the meeting, all participants of the 2019 Board Meeting of IBA Confucius Institute, visited the newly built office of IBA and office of Confucius Institute, and took a group photo. During the council break, Vice President Gu Xiaomin and the delegation also visited our exchange students in IBA.

IBA Confucius Classroom, the predecessor of IBA Confucius Institute, was established on October 28, 2015, co-founded by International Business Academy and Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance. It was upgraded to Confucius Institute at the 13th Confucius Institute Conference in December 2018. The current IBA Confucius Institute has 3 Confucius Classrooms and 2 teaching centers, which are committed to the construction of Confucius Institute with business characteristics and play an active role in promoting Chinese Language study in Denmark, Sino-Danish cultural communication and Sino-Danish business exchange.