The 2nd Lixin Forum ---- the Professional Accounting Forum and the Shanghai International Young Scholar Forum

By: Gao Xiaoying/ From: Human Resources Department/ Date:1118,2019/ View:13Set up the

On November 15th, the 2nd Lixin Forum—the Professional Accounting Forum and the Shanghai International Young Scholar Forum of Universities officially began on Songjiang Campus. Li Shiping (Chair of the University Council, Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance), Wang Junhua (Vice Chair of the University Council and Vice President), Gu Xiaomin (Vice President), and Zhu Yabing (Vice President) attended the opening ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Wang Junhua. Also in attendance were the heads and teacher representatives of the Human Resources Department and the School of Accounting and other representatives of relevant departments.

At the opening ceremony, Prof. Li Shiping delivered a speech on behalf of SLU. He warmly welcomed the overseas experts and young scholars and introduced the history, positioning, and future planning of the University while expressing the University’s hunger for new talents. He emphasized the University’s ability to provide a good environment for scientific research and teaching development simultaneously guaranteeing to create a stage that allows for the development of excellence in every talent or field.

Professor Li Zhen (winner of the National Key Talent Plan and academic leader of the University’s business management program) delivered a keynote speech on how young scholars can survive in the academic era. With vivid and humorous language, he described the dilemma that many scholars face in terms of the current research-oriented status quo. Through detailed research data, he then explained how to crack the discrimination that exists in international academic circles. By interrelating current facts, he pointed out that in addition to knowledge, scientific research also requires a positive attitude, integrity and viewpoint that scholars should climb the academic ladder through hard work. He sincerely invited scholars to present and apply for future cooperation. At the opening ceremony, Prof. Shao Jun (Dean of the School of Accounting) also introduced a summary of the University’s accounting discipline.

     The forum lasted for two days and attracted more than 30 scholars both from home and abroad. The overseas scholars focused on the top young university teachers and doctoral students in world’s top 200 colleges/universities in Singapore and Hong Kong. They presented professional academic reports on their respective areas of interest while consulting with other academic leaders. At the event, the Human Resources Department and the School of Accounting made a special effort to discuss the University’s talent introduction policy with present scholars.

Enrolling new talents through a forum represents the University’s first initiative of this kind in Shanghai. The 2nd Lixin Forum including the only two non-“Double First-Rate” universities (SLU is one of the two) has been powerfully supported by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and is included in the Shanghai “Talent Attraction and Storage Plan” and the Shanghai International Youth Scholars Forums. The organization of the Professional Accounting Forum is a targeted and innovative method for inviting new young scholars. It is an important measure to implement the strategy of strengthening the University and lays a solid foundation for accelerating the introduction of talents, building a team of high-quality individuals, and constructing a high-level local university framework.

(Photo by Zhang Jiawei)