University Leaders Greet Volunteers of the 2nd China International Import Expo

By: Pu Heng/ From: Youth League Committee/ Date:1109,2019/ View:10Set up the

On the afternoon of November 8th, Li Shiping (Chair of the University Council,Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance) and Wen Jingchun (Vice Chair of the University Council) accompanied by Dai Bing (the deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League Shanghai Committee), Xu Hao (the director of the School Administration Department), Li Yanshao (a member of the University Council, and the director of the CPC Committee Work Department), and Cui Yitian (the director of the President’s Office) visited the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) to greet SLU’s volunteers for the 2nd China International Import Expo.

The university leaders first went into the Center’s Office Building C to visit University volunteers working in the Transaction Statistics Team and the Overseas Professional Visitor Service Team of the Investment Promotion Office for the Import Expo Bureau. As our University’s longest-serving volunteer group (also longest serving hours per day), a total of 84 students have worked since October 23rd. The Transaction Statistics Team is responsible for communicating with local trading groups and national ministries recording every transaction statistic electronically. The Overseas Professional Visitor Service Team is responsible for serving overseas professional visitors at the Expo and striving to facilitate every transaction between them and Chinese trading groups.

In Hall 2.2 and the Trade Negotiation Zone of the Center, University leaders greeted the volunteers of the Exhibition Contract Team and the Trade Negotiation Team for the Investment Promotion Office. In the Signing Hall and the Trade Negotiation Zone, the volunteers serve the on-site signing ceremony of trading groups and the exhibitors who are interested in cooperation and negotiations. They provide services to facilitate a soft environment for negotiation.

In Hall 1.2–the Expo volunteers’ “Little Leave’s Home”, University leaders participated in the CPC-Day Theme Activity carried out by the temporary party branch of the Volunteer Service Team. During the event, volunteer representatives (party members) were active in sharing the growing achievements of participating in the Expo. The volunteers expressed their gratitude for the support of the University and the teachers, which allowed them to fully devote themselves to serving the Expo. They said it was very fortunate to have an opportunity to volunteer for the 2ndExpo, and wanted to help more friends both at home and abroad to show the students’ and the University’s excellence.

Prof. Li Shiping fully praised the volunteers’ unremitting efforts at the Expo, and thanked them for their hard work as they earned pride for the University. He said he felt young energy, vitality, enthusiasm, and selfless dedication from everyone, and also saw the new generation’s shinning sense of responsibility. He also put forward three hopes for the “small leaves” of the school. First, cherish the “Expo class”, actively integrate into society to explore and practice, take the initiative to undertake the social responsibility of the youth, and harvest the fruits of growth; Second, develop the energy of the Expo, bring the patriotism and pride they experienced during the Expo back to the University, and pass the experience of volunteering to the students around them; Third, continue to study hard, and lay a solid foundation to be fully prepared for accessing society and bearing greater responsibilities.

Wen Jingchun praised the services of the “little leaves” as they exhibited the warmth of Shanghai and helped enhance the experiences of Chinese and foreign businessmen. He also praised the volunteers’ spirit of “dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress”, encouraged them to cherish the volunteer service platform while making themselves nobler and happier through these services.

After the event, the school leaders presented the volunteer representatives with carefully prepared thank-you cards and custom gift packages (including a foldable backpack, an inflatable headrest, a handy notebook, a touch pen, and a volunteer badge) to thank every SLU “little leaf” for working hard in the first line of the Expo and showing the positive deeds of young SLU students.

For the 2nd China International Import Expo, SLU selected and assigned 143 volunteers to participate in 5 positions of the Investment Statistics Team of the Investment Promotion Office, the Overseas Professional Visitor Service Team, the Exhibition Contract Team, the Trade Negotiation Team, and the Sub-Forum Team of the Import Expo Bureau. The services covered the verification and entry of the transaction data, the on-site guidance of sub-forums, services for professional overseas visitors, on-site assistance management in the Trade Negotiation Zone, and on-site assistance organization of the Exhibition Signing Hall.

(Photos Provided by Youth League Committee)