The Opening Conference of Sino-US Cooperation in Running Schools Project

By: Huang Wenjun/ From: School of Fin-tech/ Date:0420,2020/ View:15Set up the

To further improve the quality of Sino-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools and promote the exchange and cooperation between our university and New Jersey Institute of Technology in an orderly manner, our university held an opening conference on Sino-US cooperation in running schools on the afternoon of April 14, where Gu Xiaomin, the vice president, relevant persons in charge of Human Resources Department, Department of Logistics and Services, Financial Department, International Office, Admission and Employment Office, Teaching Affairs Office, and team members of School of Fin-tech attended this conference.

Gu Xiaomin pointed out that the Financial Engineering major (Financial technology direction) was the only Sino-Foreign cooperation in running schools project approved by the Ministry of Education in Shanghai in the second half of 2018, and also the only Sino-Foreign cooperation in running schools project approved related to financial science and technology, which just met the demand for financial science and technology talents in the construction of Shanghai international financial center and science and technology innovation center. She also held the opinion that the project of Sino-Foreign cooperation in running schools was one of the key tasks of our university in 2020, and we shall coordinate and integrate all parties, standardize school running, improve the quality, perfect the cooperation mechanism as soon as possible, and make solid progress in specific work, so as to lay a solid foundation for the first undergraduate Sino-Foreign cooperation in running schools project. Besides, the college where the project located shall lay a solid foundation, clarify the standing book of the school, improve the talent training program, pay attention to the construction of the teaching staff, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of both parties and students, and solidly uplift the social attention, reputation and brand of the cooperation project.

Yin Linsen, vice president of School of Fin-tech (in charge of the administrative work), reported the preparations for the Sino-US cooperation in running schools. Persons in charge of relevant work of each functional department made the communication and coordination with each other in terms of enrollment publicity, teaching management, international cooperation, recruitment, funds and logistic service, providing strong support and guarantee for solving the key, difficult and prominent problems in project preparation.

(Photographer: Wang Zhihui