Business Management

Name of specialty: Business Administration

Credit system: 4 years

Cultivation objective:
This major aims at cultivating practical, integrate, creative and international professionals who are well developed in moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic aspects under global climate, good comprehensive and well-knit professional faculties, they are expected to work in the fields of international business, business planning, operation management around the word.

Enrollment requirements:
1. One completed copy of Application Form, together with signature and photograph.
2. One regular passport photocopy (both of cover and personal information page – passport must be valid at time of study.)
3. One high school diploma photocopy. Certificates or documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be translated.
4. Corresponding transcripts – other versions should be translated into Chinese or English.
5. For Chinese taught Program:Applicant also should submit one HSK certificate photocopy (level 5 or above), or other materials proving a corresponding level of Chinese.

Cultivation Requirements:
The major aims at cultivating students who have knowledge of international management, possess basic skills to analyze and solve management problems.
They are expected to have the following knowledge and abilities:
1. To be morally excellent and dedicated;
2. Have excellent career quality and work ability;
3. To care about the society and willing to practice;
4. Have communicative skills and team-work spirit;
5. Be good at expressing their ideas and be good at writing.
6. To be proficient in computer skills;
7. To be creative and innovative to analyze and solve problems;
8. Command relevant knowledge in business management to carry out the practice of International business;
9. To be familiar with relevant international policies, regulations and ethics.

Organization Behavior
International Enterprises Management
Strategic Management
International Business Negotiation
Supply Chain and Logistics Management
HR Management
Cross-Culture Management