Guideline to International Exchange Student 

Brief introduction to Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance


Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance (hereinafter referred to as SLU), with around 60 years history, has been committed to developing various skills required by China’s economic and financial industries during the past few decades and, as a result, SLU is praised as a “Cradle of Future Financial Experts”.

SLU used to be affiliated with the People’s Bank of China. Since the year 2000, SLU has been co-run by the Shanghai Municipal Government and the People’s Bank of China with the Shanghai Municipal Government playing a major administrative role.

Currently, with 10 schools (including the School of International Finance, School of Insurance, and School of Accounting, etc.), and 4 teaching departments (including the Mathematics Department and English Department, etc.), SLU offers 24 bachelor degree programs while its academic structure covers six fields including economics, management, literature, law, science and engineering.

2.Contact person at SLU: 

Contact Persons
Email and Tel
Ms. Han Mei
Ms. Ruan AipingDirector of International Students Affairs

0086 21 65565443

Mr. Luo Feida
International Students’ teaching issues

0086 21 33935418

Mr. Tang Yi

International Students’ accommodation issues

Incoming students 

0086 21 65565443

Ms. Guo Xuan

International Students’ visa, life issues

Incoming students

0086 21 65565443
Ms. Yan Dan

International Exchange and cooperation 

Incoming exchange students (application)

Outgoing exchange students 

0086 21 33935418

3.School address: (Show the Chinese address once is needed.)

No.995 Shangchuan road ,Pudong, Shanghai,close to Minyao Road

上海立信会计金融学院, 上海市浦东新区上川路995号,靠近民耀路,巨峰路,金海路。


At SLU, you need student ID number and password to use your laptop. Wireless Internet is available at the campus.

5.Laundry at the hotel:

You can buy laundry card at the front desk and each card costs you 55yuan among which 15 yuan is for deposit. Generally speaking, you pay about 8 yuan for each time but the final cost depends on clothes weight and washing machine computer will deduct money automatically. (The price is based on 2013 standard. Please consult the front desk for detailed price.)


You can buy SIM card at any super market. SIM card is free and for the first time you just pay about 100 yuan for prepaid fee.

7.About Campus Food

•Breakfast: 6:30-9:00

•Lunch: 10:30-13:00 

•Supper: 16:30-18:00 

You can use food card for breakfast, lunch or dinner at SLU’s canteen but you need to charge money in it; it`s about 8-10 RMB for one meal; there are two canteens at SLU; there are various kinds of food: rice, vegetable, noodles, dumpling, cake, etc. offered everyday. Cash can only be accepted for some food windows. So suggest using the card. The time for charge food card is from 12:00-13:00 near the Agricultural Bank of China. International Student Office will prepare the card for you.

There is a cake and bread shop in the canteen. You can buy some bread there. There is a western food restaurant near the hotel called Financial Club. There are three grocery shops at SLU.

There are 4 ATM machines which you can fetch cash. Foreigner’s credit cards are only allowed to fetch 2000 yuan per day.


The first closest metro station to SLU is Line 12 and Line 9 named Jin Hai road station. You can take any bus in the bus station near SLU No2 Gate to get there. Taxi will cost you about 15 yuan. Or take Pudong Line 27 (浦东27路) to go there.

The third closest metro station to our school/hotel is called Jufeng road on line 6(purple color) which stops running at 22:30; from Jufeng station to our school, taxi costs about 35 RMB. You can also take bus “Cao Lu Line 2”(曹路2路) to go to the subway and get off at the destination where Jufeng Road metro station locates.

The fourth closest metro station to our school/hotel is called Tang Zheng Station on Line 2. You can take Pudong Line 20 (浦东20路)to there. Taxi will cost you about 20 yuan.

You can buy transportation card at any subway station. Do not charge too much money at one time in case it is lost.

9.Shopping and Entertainment nearby

There is a shopping mall nearby called Bao Long City Square. There you can find a giant super market called “Carrefour”. There are also some fast food restaurants like KFC, Pizzar Hot, and Coffee bar there. It takes you about 20 minutes to walk there or 14 yuan to take a taxi.

Address: No. 2505 Jin Hai Road, near Min Yao Rd. 

Bus:  please take any bus in the bus station near SLU No2 Gate and get off at Jinhai Rd, Min Yao Rd.

10.Places of interest

Huangpu River Cruising, Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC), Oriental Pearl Tower, Yu Garden and old market, Xin Tian Di for bars and night clubs.

11.Suggestions for safety

Be careful about your bags, telephones, and wallets when you are outside. Do not bring too much cash with you. 

Keep the good habit of asking for receipt of taxi. Make sure the receipt is clear and complete. Or just take a picture of the taxi license card and the driver.

Do not have fun outside too late and never drunk yourself.

If you meet any question or problems, please call our police hotline: 110 or contact with us.

Sincerely hope you enjoy your stay at SLU!

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