Industry Link

Thoughthe university’s partnership with different industries, SFU offers studentsapplication-oriented programs targeted at specific, real-world careers to bestprepare them for a smooth entry into the professional world. Some program lecturersare from the industry, often senior managers in the companies and institutionswho have solid background the theory and possess rich experience in practice.

Thanksto the partnership, SFU students get access to a wide range of career pathwaysand employment opportunities during their study at the university. In 2014,about 97% of SFU graduates were in full-time employment with many in financialinstitutions, or further education an outstanding achievement which istestimony to our dedication to offering valuable practice-oriented degrees.

Highlightsof the university-industry cooperative programs include:



Program Contents


Cinda Securities Co Ltd

Jointly set up the “Cinda Investment Consultant  Class” and cooperate on the teaching plan, the curriculum and the internship  base


ACAMS(Association of Certified Anti-Money  Laundering Specialists LLC)

Organize compliance and anti-money  laundering  teaching


Agriculture Bank of China Shanghai Branch

Jointly set up the “Pu Jiang Class” and  cooperate on the teaching plan, the curriculum and the internship base


Shanghai Jin Mao P.R.C Lawyers

Deloitte China

Jointly develop Commercial Factoring series  courses and textbooks


Zhonghua Certified Public Accountants LLP

BAKER TILL China Certified Public Accountants

joint CICPA (The Chinese Institute of Certified  Public Accountants) program


Kaplan, ACCA Golden Approved Learning Partner  (ALP)

ACCA teaching and Training


Uni-President Group

Organize training of Management Trainees