Exchange Programs

  • I am studying marketing and I have been at SFU for 3 months now and so far I have absolutely enjoyed my stay. My first impression of the campus was that the area was very beautiful and the staff very helpsome. At the campus you will find all the facilities you need: canteens, library, copy room and small markets where you can get what you need. The outdoor area is very beautiful with a river running through the university and a lot of places you can sit and study during the summer period or just chill out and enjoy the sun.

    You also find basketball and tennis courts and a football field too. The classrooms were a little cold during the winter, but when it gets warmer this was not a problem, but just good, that it was not too warm. The teachers are very helpsome and even though not all of them speak perfect English they help me in every way. During the first week we met the Chinese students and they showed us the university and we also hang out with them after school sometimes as well. The international office at the university has been very good to help me with questions I might have and they have arranged company visits and sightseeing tours for the international exchange students, so we can experience Shanghai. It has been very great.

    -- , Mads Hansen

  • My first impression of SFU was that this university is very different from my home university in Berlin. SFU has a large campus area with a lot of buildings. It was very helpful that we got a campus-map from the international office and that there is a big map at the entrance of SFU as well. Therefore it did not take a long time that I got used to the campus area.

    The support of the international office is awesome. They organized a lot of activities for us, for example, an introduction day, company visits, sightseeing stuff, events in SFU and a lot more. We got information about events, classes or just general information in time by e-mail. Whenever I had some problems or questions I approached the international office and I got help and support immediately. They helped me a lot to acclimatize in SFU and Shanghai.

    The course offer of SFU is multifarious and numerous, therefore I got a big choice to select some subjects. The teachers and Chinese students are very pleasant and helpful, especially when I had some language problems or when I was searching for a room or a building on the campus. They also helped me with private stuff, told me where I can buy things I need or showed me some places where I can find delicious food or just ordered some food for me when it was only possible in Chinese. They also gave me some advices of what I should keep away from or what is a must-have to do here.

    Last but not least I have to say that the food in the canteen is multifarious and very cheap, but also very tasty, I like it a lot.

    In all I am very grateful for all the help I received at SFU.

    -- , Nicolas Beck

  • When I entered the SFU the first time, I felt the difference to other universities. The campus is huge, green and cozy at summertime. Towards foreign students the domestic students are harmonic, nice and made me feel welcome. So did the International Office as well. The organization was well prepared and I noticed that they are experienced in dealing with foreign students. Furthermore they offered possibilities to get in touch with companies for internships and they organized sightseeing tours to discover beautiful Shanghai. All in all I am glad to be able to study at the SFU and to enjoy Shanghai.

    -- , Franz Neumann