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  • Serve National Strategy and Respond to Demand for Talents

    Establish A High-Level Applied University of Finance and Economics with Distinctive Characteristics

    - Record of the Initial Layout of Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance

    On September 17, the newly established Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance received its first freshmen. In the new school and in the new semester, while ensuring the smooth and orderly completion of daily work like new student enrollment and teaching, Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance has set the objective of establishing a high-level applied university of finance and economics with distinctive characteristics and accelerated the reform and development of top-level design. Focusing on the medium- and long-term development objectives of the university, Lixin has taken an important and solid step in the overall arrangement and layout according to the basic framework established based on “Six Systems” by taking the talent cultivation and student development as the foundation, faculty construction and teacher development as the support, institutional improvement as the guidance, and reform and innovation as the driving force.

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    Chinese report was published on Wei Hui Bao newspaper on September 23, 2016 

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  • Luo Yinsheng: Author of Yang Jiang’s Biography

    On the early morning of May 25, Yang Jiang, famous writer, literary translator, foreign literature researcher, and wife of Qian Zhongshu, died at the age of 105 in Beijing. On the evening of May 26, students from Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance spontaneously gathered at the gate of the school library to mourn over Yang Jiang’s death. At such sentimental moment, a journalist interviewed Mr. Luo Yinsheng, a teacher of Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance. As a biographer, he used to write biographies for Yang Jiang, Elegance and Intellectual Brilliance in A Hundred Years: Biography of Yang Jiang and Biography of Yang Jiang. The latter was personally reviewed by Yang Jiang. “A hedge between keeps friendship green.” That’s how Luo Yinsheng describes the friendship between Yang Jiang and him. He also told the journalist about his impression of Yang Jiang. 

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  • Zhong Yisheng: Selflessly Help Students Find Jobs

    (Xinmin Evening News Journalist Zuo Yan Correspondent Chen Yan) During this sprint period of fresh graduates’ job hunting, Zhong Yisheng, retired teacher of Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce, is much busier than students. All his four mobile phones rang one after another. “I have so much phone calls, text messages and WeChat messages that my mobile phones are out of power early every day.” Zhong Yisheng jokingly said that after his retirement in 2007, offering advices on students’ employment became his second career. He is busier than real estate agents during the recruiting season.

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  • China’s Lixin University of Accounting and Finance to Partner with The Law Chain

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