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Commencement 2016

Source: Students Affairs Office Contributor: Yu Yue, Zhang Ting, Mei Rong and Tao Qicheng Image: Ni Yuehui and Zhu Bin
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Gathering of thousands of students, families, friends and teachers, photo-taking around campus, hugging, exciting talks about jobs – all indicate that it’s the time of the annual Commencement, when the new batch of graduates wave goodbye to their schoolmates and embark on the new journey outside the university campus.During the Commencement ceremony on June 27 and 28, top officials of Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance were presented at all sessions to celebrate with the graduates and their families.

Message from the President

President Tang Haiyan delivered sincere congratulations to all graduates and their families, as well as thankfulness to all faculty and staff members in an affectionate speech.“With strong support from the local government, faculty and staff, students and alumni, Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance has been established and set out on a new journey with our graduates this year and we are aiming to become one of the top universities featuring accounting and finance in China”, he said.

President Tang also extended his expectations for all graduates. First, remember the spirit of university moto and take it as a guidance in future career and life; second, be a responsible person; third, never stop learning; forth, work hard forthe life you want; fifth, do exercises because health is the precondition of any possibility.

The Ceremony

The year 2016 sees 4,300 studentsgraduate with bachelor degrees from our university. Vice President Lu Haibo hosted the Pudong Campus Session on June 27, and Vice President Xu Mei hosted the Songjiang Campus Session on June 28.

On Pudong Campus Session, Li Shiping, Chair of the University Council, announced awards for “the Excellent Teachers in My Mind”. Xu Mei,Vice Chair of the University Council and Vice President, announced the awards for“Excellent Graduates”and presented the awards.Vice President Gu Xiaomin declared the decision to confer degrees to 2016 graduates. Su Hongfeng from School of Law and Liu Wei from School of Statistics and Mathematics delivered aspeech as the representative of faculty members. Huang Luobin from School of Finance and Public Administration and Fan Xin from School of Accounting made their graduation speech as the representatives of graduates.

On Songjiang Campus Session, Vice President Gu Xiaomin declared the decision to confer degrees to 2,027 graduates. Lu Haibo, Vice Chair of the University Council, announced the awards for “Excellent Graduates” and presented the awards. Vice President Wan Feng read out the list of the directors and liaisons of 2016 alumni. Professor Zhao Lihui from School of International Economics and Trade and Professor Wang Shoujie from School of Humanity and Law delivered their speeches as the representative of faculty members. Wang Yu from School of Accounting and Finance and Yang Shuqi from School of Finance made their graduation speeches as the representatives of graduates.

Both sessions were finalized with the turning of the tassel ceremony.

More on Commencement 2016

The commencement for graduates of professional training programs was held on Pudong Campus and Xuhui Campus respectively on June 24.

The commencement ceremony of Sino-Danish Joint Program for 2016 graduates was held in the lecture hall of Laboratory Center. Vice President Chen Jingying read the decision on granting graduation and issuing certificates by Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance for 191 graduates, Mr. Jorgen Dalhoff, foreign supervisor in charge of Sino-Danish Joint Program, announced and decision to issue certificates by Niles Brock Copenhagen Business School to 175 graduates.

The commencement ceremony of Higher Vocational College was held in Auditorium Hall on Xuhui Campus.

88 graduates of professional training programs from School of Business Administration were issued certificates at Student Center on Pudong Campus.