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Undergraduate Commencement 2017

Contributor: Zhang Jianli Text: Zhang Jianli Image: Ni Yuehui, Zhang Jiawei, Wanglei, Tang Kunlei and etc. Design: International Office

On June 8-9, SLUAF ceremoniously held its Undergraduate Commencement 2017 on Songjiang Campus and Pudong Campus, respectively. Present at the ceremony were university leaders Li Shiping, Tang Haiyan, Lu Haibo, Xu Mei, Wen Jingchun, Wan Feng, Chen Jingying and Zhao Rongshan; leaders and deans of related schools and functional departments as well as representatives of teachers, graduates and parents. The ceremony was presided over by Xu Mei, Vice President and Vice Chair of the University Council.

At the ceremony, Tang Haiyan, President of SLUAF, extended warm congratulations to our graduates on behalf of SLUAF, and expressed sincere greetings and regards to teachers and parents for their hard work. The president also shared some reflections on life with our graduates, and expressed four hopes. First, adhere to your ideals and always pursue for transcendence: He hoped that our graduates would always bear their goals in mind, stick to mission and dreams while moving forward. Second, be honest, practical and truthful: It was also his hope that they would keep SLUAF motto in mind, internalize “Openness Based on Sincerity” by heart and externalize it in behaviors, and that they would be sensible and honest, observe law and discipline, pursue truth in a practical manner and carry out perseverance in face of an increasingly complicated and tempting world. Third, learn to meet practical needs through unremitting efforts. He hoped that our graduates would also keep their good learning habits and strong learning interests, be good at discovering and learning from the merits and advantages of others, and learn from successful experience of others, that they would attach great importance to teamwork, seek points in common while reserving difference and try to reach consensus and create a win-win situation, and that they would learn with a view to serving the nation, and grow into a useful member of the society. Fourth, keep exercising to be healthy. He hoped that they would cultivate good living habits from today, live a regular life through physical exercises and combination of exertion and rest, maintain their strong constitution and noble personality with persistence and perseverance, be brave to take bold steps and accumulate assets that embody values.


A solemn university flag pass-on ceremony was also held during the event. The university flag, red as fire and bearing the passion and dreams of senior schoolmates, waved in the forceful and passionate singing of our graduates. The students, bathing in the glory and dreams of SLUAF flag, could not help looking up at it and gently touched it to feel its power. Accompanied by this glorious flag, SLUAF has gone through nearly a century of brilliance and magnificence, and cultivated tens of thousands of excellent talents in finance for our country. They have practiced the university motto of SLUAF and the university spirit of “be honest and moral, and study real problems for the purpose of application”, and written many chapters of working with stamina and diligence and pursuing for transcendence. After that, our graduate representative presented the university flag to Li Shiping, Chair of the University Council, who then conferred it to our student representative, implying that the glory and dreams as well as responsibilities and missions borne by this flag would be inherited by students of the following generation.







Lu Haibo, Vice Chair of the University Council, read the 2017 winner list of “The Best Teacher in My Heart”, and presented awards to the winners; Wen Jingchun, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee of SLUAF, announced the a decision in recognition of municipal-level outstanding graduates; Chen Jingying, Vice President of SLUAF, announced a decision in recognition of university-level outstanding graduates. The leaders of SLUAF jointly presented awards to these outstanding graduates. Wan Feng, Vice President of SLUAF, read the list of 2017 class alumni directors, and awarded the letter of appointment to their representatives. Zhao Rongshan, Vice President of SLUAF, announced the university decision on the graduation and commencement of 2017 undergraduates. At the ceremony, a teacher representative also expressed best wishes to our graduates, hoping that they would successfully graduate and enjoy an infinitely bright future. After that, an outstanding graduate representative gave a speech in which he recalled the details of the four-year university life, and expressed his profound love for SLUAF. Graduate representatives also presented flowers to the instructors of graduating classes, and gave them big hugs. The “turning of the tassel ceremony” was also held by SLUAF leaders at the same time, followed by the solemn integrity pledge by all our graduates. The graduation ceremony came to a successful conclusion amidst the university song sung by all our graduates.











Photographed by Ni Yuehui, Zhang Jiawei, Wanglei, Tang Kunlei, Tang Mingmin, Wang Qi, Wang Yifan, Linghu Zhaoxue, Shangguan Yangzhen