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2018 ICON Shanghai Global Conference, A Gala of Innovation, Communication, Originality and New ideas

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A good will gesture, a rewarding adventure

Hiring a consulting company does not normally arouse surprise, yet if it is one led by students, the corner office would need one good reason ---- Mr. Li Gangyue, founder of 3DWOOW Technology, has two: a doubled revenue after his first partnership with ICON (International Consulting Network) in 2017, and an itching desire to take the dominant role in his arena in year three since 3DWOOW’s startup. A seasoned warrior, Li is data-savvy and readily open to make the best use of young minds. “The sea of information they provided me with, as well as the efficient and eye-opening approaches they offered, were of great help on our way to scale up to be among the top in domestic market.”



This is no mockup, it is real money!

The professionalism ICONers strived to prove on themselves is far more than a word. “We need to show them that their money is put in good hands,” said Zhu Hongyu, a first-time ICON supporting member. Consultant Li Tianyin, a finance major, proudly claimed that “In this program, the working system is very formal and you are just like a consultant in the real company.” Using SWOT model, decision-making tree and other business tools like Harvey balls, they offered clients solutions of real value.



Chinese enterprises on scientific frontiers, thrilling and inspiring experience…

ICON consultants and supporting team members also visited Meditool, a 3D printing technology firm targeting medical application. “I saw how 3D printing is changing people’s life in the medical field,” said Sana, a student consultant from the United States. Also unforgetable is the tour to Baowu Steel. 



Show time, Farewell Dinner and See everyone in Brazil!

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