Experts News

In December 2015, Mr. Ziemowit Kukulski, an Associate Professorof the University of Lodz, Deputy Head of the Tax Documentation and StudyCenter was invited to delivered the course on International Taxation Law for 4weeks.Professor Kukulski shared his latest researchfindings in the field of Internatio

In December 2015, President of the UnitedStates Public Consulting Ltd, Mr. Dong Weizhong gave an academic lecture to thestudents of the School of Finance & Public Administration. The topic of hislecture was "the U.S. Tax System in the Financial Industry". Inaddition, Mr. Dong also disc

On September 24,Dr. Riza Esmailzadeh,Professor, Management of Information Technology of Carnegie MellonUniversity Australia (CMUA) and Ms Faith Young, Director of Strategy andDevelopment of CMUA visited SFU. Dr. Esmailzadeh gave a lecture titled “DigitalTransformation and Education of Future Digital

On December 17, 2014 Prof. Feng-Kwei Wanggave a lecture to SFU’s young faculty fellows, shared with them his experienceand innovative approach of teaching. Prof. Feng-Kwei Wangis a leading expert on Creativity and Innovation fromTaiwan. Hestarted cooperation with SFU as early from 1996.

On November 28,2014 The International ExchangeOffice organized a bowling game for foreign teachers of SFU. After severalrounds of bowling, we have a clear winner of the game – Mr. Richard Niichel.All the teachers who participated the bowling game found it fun and recreativeand would like to have mor

On September 17,2014 SFU’s “High-end Foreign Expert”Prof. Anthony McGrew gave a lecture on 《Global Shift : The causes and the consequences of the globalfinancial crisis》to SFU’s studentsand teachers. Prof. Anthony McGrew is a well-known leading academic on globalizationand global governance. Sponsor