The first “Guanshengyuan Cup” Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition for National Finance and Economics Colleges, hosted by Higher Financial and Economics Education Branch of China Higher Education Association and undertaken by Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, was held on Decembe

Recently, Fintech Research Institute completed its preparation for 3-year action plan for think tank development, targeting to become an influential financial and technical think tank featuring venture investment in Shanghai region, provide knowledge service for the sci-tech innovation centers in Sh

From December 3rd to 4th, guided by the Ministry of Education and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government and hosted by Fudan University and the Secretariat of the Chinese University Think Tank Forum, the 3rd Annual Conference of Chinese University Think Tank Forum was held in Shanghai under the them

Inaugural meeting for National Finance and Economics Institutions Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cooperative Group was held on December 3rd in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President Xu Mei of Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance attend

Recently, the 3rd “Great Wisdom” National College Student Financial Elite Challenge, hosted by the Students Department of the Communist Youth League Central Committee and the Secretariat of the National Federation of Students dropped the curtain. More than 30 students from the 7th trader class of Li

From November 26 to 27, the national final of the 12th National college students’ “Xindao” sandbox simulation business operation competition was held in Guilin University of Electronic Technology. Lixin team, led by teacher Wang Dan from School of Accounting and consisting of Gao Pengyu, Zhong Qi, S

On the morning of November 26, the Seminar on Response to “One Belt One Road” Trade, Investment & Business Environment, jointly sponsored by Lixin One Belt One Road Research Institute, China One Belt One Road Research Institute of Beijing International Studies University, and East China Normal U

On the afternoon of November 25, Vice President Chen Jingying, Dean Long Yingfeng and Assistant Dean Su Hongfeng of the School of Law, lawyer Fan Yong went to the Free Trade Zone Court of Pudong New Area People’s Court, holding the signing ceremony of the cooperative agreement & unveiling ceremo

In the 8th National Undergraduate Mathematical Contest held recently, Yuan Chun from Lixin won the second prize in the Mathematics Major Group of Shanghai Competition Area. Wang Haidong and Zhao Yuhang won the first prize in the Non-Mathematics Major Group. Shen Chenyu, Chen Lei, Zhao Yuyao and Zeng

On November 23, Lixin reached the intent of strategic cooperation with three companies, namely Law Chain (Shanghai Law Chain Network Technology Co., Ltd.), Onchain (Shanghai Onchain Internet Financial Information Services Co., Ltd.), Fadada (Shenzhen Fadada Network Technology Co., Ltd.), on the join