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Borderless Music Bridges Mutual Friendship

Source: Confucius Classroom Contributor: Xu xiaoqing Text: Xiaoqing Xu, Translated by Min Yu Image: Confucius Classroom Design: Xu Xiaoqing

Concert Love · Delight Girl's Orchestra in Koldinghus

A concert themed with Chinese Sights and Sounds was held in Koldinghus, Kolding, Denmark on the afternoon of 19 May 2017(local time). IBA Confucius Classroom invited 13 female musicians from the Love·Delight Girl's Orchestra from Tianjian, China to perform 12 pieces of Chinese folk music. The concert was hosted in Danish by Morten Kier from IBA and enjoyed by more than 100 people.  The audience composed of teachers of IBA, entrepreneurs of Kolding, college students and middle school students from IBA Confucius Classroom, and local citizens as well.


The concert began with Happy Sunrise which quickly produced a happy atmosphere. After that, The Scenery of Wuxi and Bamboo-flute Tune with the rising and falling melody depicted the silk of rain in the south; Little Cabbage and Going to West Gate in sadness and melancholy unfolded the emotions of people living in the loess plateau in the northeast; Song of Wrangler and Song of Riddles in humorous and delightful tunes described  the life scenes of the ethnic minorities living in Yunnan in the southwest; Jasimine and Liangzhu(Romance of butterflies) sang for the beauty and eternity of love. Every note in the music pieces described a Chinese folk story, and fascinated every listener.


As one of encores, Song of Harvest, performed for Danish audience in particular, generated such a climax that the audience immediately started clapping their hands to the rhythm tempo. At that moment, Koldinghus was immersed in the sea of music and applauses.


At the end of the concert, the audience did not want to leave even though three curtain calls were answered and two encores were played.  The girls of the Love·Delight Girl’s Orchestra illustrated how the Chinese culture overcame the cultural barriers and bridged the communication between two cultures by music.  The audience also expressed their gratitude to IBA Confucius Classroom for the organization of such a wonderful concert. Music, again, shortened our distance and enhanced our friendship.