SLUAF Ratified as a Member of Erasmus+ Program again

Source: Internatioinal Office Contributor: Li Weidong Text: Li Weidong Design: International Office
Keywords: Erasmus EU Cracow

News came from Cracow University of Economics that SLUAF’s joint application with them for a second round of Erasmus+ program was ratified. The success, against a drastic cut-down of quota for non-EU countries, shows high evaluation of execution of our first cooperation and was achieved through endeavors of both sides.

SLUAF applied for Erasmus Plus funded by EU along with Cracow University of Economics in 2015, and was ratified after going through a rigid procedure of reviews and verifications. With financial aid of Erasmus, two teachers and two faculty members went to Cracow University of Economics to attend and give lectures for a week. Also, Two SLUAF students were financially aided to study in Cracow for a term. Accordingly, two teachers from Cracow came for a week’s teaching in SLUAF, where they were appreciation and enjoyed popularity.

Li Shiping, Chief of SLUAF Council, led a delegation to Cracow University of Economics in June. Cracow president Andrzej Chochó, vice president Krzysztof Surówka welcomed the delegation, and both sides reached consensus to deepen a comprehensive cooperation, in particular in Erasmus+.

Erasmus program was launched by EU for communication of higher education among EU members. After 30 years of successful operation, it expanded communication beyond European countries in 2014, and was renamed as Erasmus+.

Cracow University of Economics, founded in 1925, is located in the city of Cracow, the old capital of Poland. 21,000 students are currently studying in Cracow University of Economics, one of the biggest and most prestigious academies of finance.