Vice President Xu Mei Meeting with ICON Executive Board Member

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Xu Mei, Vice President of SLUAF and Vice Chair of the university committee met with Ms. Graziela Fusaro, executive board member of International Consulting Network (ICON), and Mr. Emil Andersson, global manager of the society on 22nd, Sept. Principals from the international office, Youth League Committee, School of Business Administration and School of International communication were also present.

Ms.Graziela Fusaro presented to President Xu on the procedure and progress of the annual Convention to be held in Shanghai next year, thinking highly of the efficient coordination of SLUAF faculty and expressing gratitude for the recruitment of student consultants, assignment allocation and the world-wide synchronized training. SLUAF signed into consulting contracts with nine clients, a profound groundwork for the global Convention in 2018. Ms.Fusaro also praised SLUAF students for their professionalism, language ability and spirit of teamwork.

President Xu acknowledged the trust in SLUAF to hold the next annual Convention, noting that SLUAF shares with ICON the value of engaging students in real consultancy and learning through field work, in that SLUAF is making headways in transforming itself into application-oriented university of finance and economics. She hoped that both sides could fully collaborate for ICON global Convention in 2018.

International Consulting Network was initiated by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the Long Island University. Icon is an entrepreneurial, student-led consulting organization, delving into the core of problems and generates innovative and sustainable business strategies that deliver quality service for both profit and non-profit organizations. Each year, ICON recruits outstanding student consults into real-world assignments before presenting the outcome in the global Convention. The first Chinese member of ICON, SLUAF will host the global Convention in 2018. After open recruitment and rounds of rigid interviews, Fifteen student consultants (two of them foreign students) and thirteen interpreters were hired. They will be working jointly with over eighty other consultants from U.S., Sweden, South Korea, Mexico and Israel, providing nine clients on a global scale with fourteen-weeks of consulting service.