Undergraduate Degree Programs

We offer high quality innovative degree program taught in English and Chinese, suitable for students who has good command of English or Chinese.

We aim to educate students to become highly skilled in finance, economics, management and business, being familiar with the current trends and practice of international business and trade, knowing about the economic condition and relevant policies and regulations of China’s main target. Students are expected to be capable of working with department of foreign economics and trades, foreign enterprises and government agencies, or taking other jobs engaged in international trade and international operations and management activities.

l  Study Period: Undergraduate Program (Bachelor Degree) lasts for 4 years. The spring semester runs from February to July, and the autumn semester from September to January.

l  Application Qualifications: Applicant must be a citizen of a foreign country over 18 years of age, in good mental and physical health, without being affected by communicable diseases, mental disease, etc. And hold a high school diploma.

l  Application Materials:

1. One completed Application Form together with signature and photograph.

2. One regular passport copy (both of cover and personal information page – passport must be valid at time of study)

3. One high school diploma copy. Certificates or documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be translated.

4. Corresponding transcripts – other versions should be translated into Chinese or English.

5. Physical Examination Record

6. Six passport-sized photos

l  Applying for Chinese taught program:

Besides the above application materials, one HSK certificate copy (level 5 or above) or other materials proving a corresponding level of Chinese should be supplementary document.

l  An application with incomplete materials will be invalid. All the above-mentioned application materials and application fee are nonrefundable.

l  Recommended Majors

English Taught Programs: International Finance, International Accounting, International Economics and Trade, Business Administration

Chinese Taught Programs: International Accounting and International Economics and Trade.

l  Fees

Application fee RMB 400

Tuition fee        RMB 20,000/year

Foreign Students Overall Insurance RMB 800/year

1.   The above fee should be paid at the beginning of  each semester or academic year;

2.   Textbook fee is not included in tuitions.

Links and Downloadable Files

Download the Application Form.pdf

Apply via e-mail:
Please zip up all the application materials into one archive and send to

Apply Onsite or via post:
Please package all the documents and post to:
International Student office, No. 995 Shangchuan Road, Pudong, Shanghai, China. 201209. +86 21 65565443

*An application with incomplete materials will be invalid.