Fencing Team

In 1983, our University which was named Shanghai Bank School started to form the fencing team, and with the efforts they took for more than thirty years, the team is now in a certain scale. In 1999 our University started to recruit high level sports team in a high level while supported by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. In 2001 our University had been one in the three colleges that run the first-team squad as an experiment in shanghai. In Aug 2007 Shanghai Sports Bureau and we formed Shanghai Foil Team, according to the requirements of the Shanghai Sports Bureau; the team participated in the competition such as The Olympic Games, Asian Games, World University Games, The National Games, City Games, etc. It symbolized that the model of "combining sports with education" moved toward a high level. Through several years practice, the fencing team has been fruitful in the management and construction, and they win many gold and silver medals in the world and the nation competitions. From 1990 till now, they win 466 medals including 190 gold medals, 144 silver medals and 132 bronze medals.

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Li, XingLin

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Deputy Director./Associate Professor

Department of Physical Education      

No. 995 Shangchuan Rd, Shanghai.

Tel: (86-21) 68681389

Email: lixl@sfu.edu.cn



Teaching: Fencing/Basketball/Volleyball/Taijiquan/Golf/Ballroom dancing

Research: physical education



1979-1983  Shanghai University of Sport bachelor education



Multiple named outstangding Individual in the combination of soprts and education in Shanghai



Full TimeFencing

Courses TaughtFencing/Basketball/Volleyball/Taijiquan/Golf/Ballroom dancing/Athletics/Table Tennis/Football/Gymnastics



New Physical Education and Health

Golf Course