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Introduction to School of Insurance

School of Insurance was founded in January 2009. It is the fourth specialized school of insurance established after those of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Central University of Finance and Economics and University of International Business and Economics in Chinese mainland. School of Insurance aims to cultivate industry-driven talents with international vision and practical experience, so as to meet the needs of constructing Shanghai into “the five centers” (an international economic center, a financial center, a trade center, a shipping center and a technological innovation center). With the student-centered education philosophy, the School has constantly striven for perfection, and emphasized the all-round development of students. At present, the School has the Department of Insurance, the Department of Actuarial Science, the Insurance and Pensions Research Center; there are two undergraduate programs (Insurance and Actuarial Science) with 645 students.

The School has 28 faculty members, including 17 professional teachers (1 professor and 7 associate professors). Among the professional teachers, 15 (88%) hold a doctoral degree, and 8 (47%) are double-professionally-titled teachers. A total of 9 teachers (53%) have international education background. The professional teachers include 1 enrolled in the Talent Development Fund Program of Shanghai, 1 enrolled in the Pan Xulun Program for Outstanding Scholars and 2 enrolled in the Pan Xvlun Program for Young Scholars. Most of the teachers have overseas study background and work experience in the financial industry. Besides, the School has established a part-time teacher team by introducing 10 industrial experts and specially-invited talents as part-time teachers and visiting professors. With rich experience in practice, they contribute to the teaching team building of the School, and take an active part in the School discipline construction by carrying out freshmen education, setting up freshman seminars, and compiling teaching materials and cases.

In the past three years, teachers of the School have published 15 papers in domestic and international authoritative or core academic journals , 8 academic monographs, translations and textbooks, and presided over 17 national, provincial and ministerial and other projects. The School is constructing 1 municipal excellent course, and has completed 1 municipal key course in Shanghai, 6 university-level key courses, 1 golden online course, 1 golden course in English, and 2 university-level ideological and political courses.

The program of Insurance was established as an applied undergraduate program in Shanghai in 2017 and as a university-level first-class undergraduate program in 2019. The program of Actuarial Science was approved for student enrollment in 2018 (SLU is currently the only University in Shanghai that has this program), and was set up in 2020 to be a university-level first-class undergraduate program (a program promotion project).

The School of Insurance has been committed to serving local economic and social development, maintaining close and stable cooperative relations with many insurance enterprises, and cultivating students’ innovative practical ability. The students have won great achievements in many competitions such as the Shanghai Challenge Cup, China Risk Management and Actuarial Forum and others. Since 2005, there has been a Risk Management and Actuarial double-degree undergraduate program with Towson University (the United States).