Introduction to Pan Xulun Honors College

In order to thoroughly implement the “college system reform” proposed in the Overall Implementation Plan of “Six Excellence and One Top” Program 2.01, the Opinions of the Ministry of Education on Deepening the Reform of Undergraduate Education and Teaching and Comprehensively Improving the Quality of Talent Training and other documents and to commemorate Mr. Pan Shulun (a famous Chinese educator and modern outstanding accountant, and the founder of Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance), Pan Shulun Honors College was founded in 2018 for the urgent needs of SLU in the reform of multi-level and diversified talent training models and the development of outstanding students.


As a special SLU College for the reform of high-quality undergraduate education in economics and management, it has adhered to the socialist direction of College management and the fundamental task offostering virtue through education. In order to inherit a culture of integrity, consolidate the professional foundations, strengthen teamwork, encourage academic innovation, and serve students for lifelong development, the College have integrated integrating internal and external high-quality educational resources, created good learning conditions and positive academic atmosphere, and cultivated top-notch finance and economics talents with professional knowledge, moral integrity, firm ideals and beliefs, global vision, and critical thinking.


The College grants relevant professional graduation and degree certificates to students who have completed required credits and meet the requirements for graduation and degree awarding. For students who have an English IELTS score of 7.0 or above (or a TOEFL score of 100 or above, or a CET-6 score of 600 or above) and comprehensive grade point of 3.5 or above, the College will award them the honorary certificate of “Pan Shulun Honors College”.


The College has adhered to the principles of “optimizing the source of students, giving priority to support, hiring excellent teachers, and optimizing management”.


Note: 1.The “Six Excellence and One Top” Program 2.0, namely, the Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program 2.0, the Excellent Doctor Education and Training Program 2.0, the Excellent Agriculture and Forestry Talent Education and Training Program 2.0, the Excellent Teacher Training Program 2.0, the Excellent Legal Talent Education and Training Program 2.0, the Excellent Journalism and Communication Talents Education and Training Program 2.0, and Basic Subject Top-Notch Student Training Program 2.0.