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The School of Statistics and Mathematics currently has five teaching departments: Department of Financial Statistics, Department of Applied Statistics, Department of Financial Mathematics, Department of Applied Mathematics, and Department of Public Mathematics Teaching. There are four undergraduate majors: Economic Statistics, Applied Statistics, Financial Mathematics, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. The school also undertakes public mathematics teaching tasks for all majors of the university. The discipline and professional construction of the school covers three first-level disciplines: statistics, applied economics, and mathematics, with outstanding interdisciplinary characteristics and a great academic ecology.

The School of Statistics and Mathematics currently has 99 faculty members and 81 full-time teachers. Among the full-time teachers, 92.59% (75) have doctorate degrees, 45.68% (37) are associate professors and professors, and 8 permanent young teachers. Among them are 4 specially-appointed professors, 2 provincial and ministerial academic leaders, 1 Baosteel Outstanding Teacher Award winner, 1 selected into the Shanghai Personnel Development Funding Program, and many won the Shanghai Young Teacher Lecture Competition.

In recent years, teachers of the School of Statistics and Mathematics have undertaken 5 national social science projects, more than 20 national self-study projects, and more than 30 provincial and ministerial projects such as the Ministry of Education's humanities and social sciences, Shanghai self-study, and Shanghai soft science. Teachers have published more than 60 papers in authoritative journals such as Economic Research, Statistical Research, Chinese Science, and Acta Mathematica. Our teachers have successively published papers in Journal of the American Statistical Association, Annals of statistics, Statistica Sinica and other top international journals in statistics, mathematics, as well as economics.

The school has active academic exchanges and has held several seminars on the construction of statistics, financial mathematics, and international matrix and statistics seminars. Professor He Keng( a well-known statistician, economist, and deputy director of the 11th National People's Congress Finance and Economics Committee); Dr. Xu Xianchun, ( an important leader in my country’s national accounting work and deputy director of the National Bureau of Statistics),Professor Li Daqian of Fudan University (ademician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, famous mathematician), Professor Zeng Wuyi (of the Department of Statistics of Xiamen University, academic leader of the national key discipline of statistics, chairman of the Statistics Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education), Professor Xu Guoxiang (of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, member of the International Society of Statistics, Member of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index Expert Committee) visited and gave lectures successively.

The School of Statistics and Mathematics always puts personnel training in an important position and vigorously promotes teaching reform. The school promotes the construction of many high-quality courses such as Probability Theory and Statistics, the hierarchical teaching reform of Advanced Mathematics, and the applied undergraduate pilot of economic statistics. The reform of the personnel training model is being carried out at multiple levels and in an all-round way.

The graduates have achieved outstanding results in job hunting, postgraduate entrance examinations, and study abroad. The graduates are well received by employers, and many are admitted to Columbia University, University of California, University of Washington, Johns Hopkins University, Australian National University, Renmin University of China, Beijing Normal University, East China Normal University, Wuhan University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and other famous universities at home and abroad.