The School of Foreign Languages was established in July 2016 by the former School of Foreign Languages of Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce and the School of Foreign Languages of Shanghai Finance University. It consists of four departments, Department of English, Department of Japanese, Foreign Language Department for Non-majors and Center for Language Applied Research. Accordingly, the School offers programs of Business English, English and Japanese. Meanwhile, it undertakes the teaching tasks of public foreign language compulsory courses and selected courses of SLU.

The School has 128 faculty members, including 114 full-time teachers. Among them, there are 24 professors and associate professors. With about ten foreign teachers, the proportion of international teachers is high. The School has 24 voice laboratories, 1 simultaneous interpretation laboratory and 1 digital voice autonomous learning center.

The School constructed more than 20 high-quality courses in Shanghai, such as “Translation Theory and Practice”, “Cross-cultural Communication”, “Business English ”and “Advanced English”. Teachers presided over 40 projects of the Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Fund and other provincial and ministerial level projects, published more than 30 academic works, translations and teaching materials as well as nearly 200 teaching and research papers in domestic and foreign academic journals, among which more than 40 were included in SSCI and CSSCI journals.

The School focuses on developing students’ language skills while actively expanding humanistic literacy, cross-cultural education and international exchanges. Relying on its financial and economic professional advantages, the School adopts the “English + business + management” model, utilizes language skills and business finance knowledge-related practical teaching, strives to train students with international vision, high language proficiency and professional business or financial knowledge, and cultivate compound applied language professionals competent for international business. For many years, the passing rates of TEM-4 and TEM-8 have been among the highest in similar colleges and universities, and graduates enjoys promising employment prospects.

The School maintains a stable cooperative relationship with 8 universities in the UK, USA, France, Japan and other countries. Through various long-term and short-term international exchange programs, it organizes nearly 100 students to study abroad each year. It also receives a number of foreign students from British and Japanese universities for the long-term or short-term degree or non-degree exchange programs. The School organizes students to participate in various national or provincial contests every year and have won many awards. Besides, the annual English Culture Festival and Japanese Salon are unique cultural activities on campus.