Since its establishment in July 2017, centering on the cultivation of high-quality applied talents, the School of Humanities and Arts (SHA) has continuously upgraded the discipline and management systems, and emphasized the teaching work, scientific researches, and high-level faculty. Through joint efforts, the SHA has established a comprehensive training system for undergraduate talents, as well as a properly structured discipline and specialty system with distinctive characteristics.

The SHA includes the Department of Chinese Language and Literature and the Department of Public Art teaching. There are 43 teaching staff, including 35 professional teachers. Among the full-time teachers, there are 3 professors and 15 associate professors, with 52% having senior professional titles; 12 teachers (34%) hold a doctorate degree. The SHA teachers have undertaken 36 scientific research projects, including 3 National Social Science Fund projects, 2 humanities and social science research projects of the Ministry of Education, 2 educational science research projects of Shanghai, 2 policy-making consulting projects of Shanghai, 1 scientific research and innovation project of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, 4 art research projects of Shanghai University and 2 projects of Shanghai Higher Education Association, with more than 30 papers published. The SHA has the program of Chinese Language and Literature (Financial Secretary direction), which admits 150 students every year and have completed the training of 8 sessions of undergraduates. The SHA has implemented the CPC’s education policies in an all-round way, and cultivated high-quality talents with moral integrity. On the basis of carrying out literature and art general education for all SLU students, the SHA keeps cultivating application-oriented, compound, innovative and international talents.

Based on the student-centered principle, the SHA has carried out deeper reform of talent training mode, strengthened the cultivation of undergraduate students majoring in Chinese Language and Literature, and improved the quality assurance mechanism. The department of Public Art Teaching has implemented the idea of “equipping every student with a fine art” by organizing exhibitions and involving students in competitions. The School has actively built laboratories and a practice base, and set up professional experimental courses to improve the combination of experimental courses and the program. Besides, the School has strengthened the construction of off-campus production, teaching and research bases and practice bases, especially those for the program of Chinese Language and Literature, consolidated and expanded the established brand bases for students’ internship and practice, and given full play to the production-education integration between SLU and enterprises, so as to lay a solid foundation for the construction of a university-level key Chinese language discipline.

Relying on the construction of Confucius Institute, the SHA has expanded the international exchange and cooperation of the Chinese Language and Literature program, strengthened the inter-school cooperation with foreign universities, increased the scale of inter-university academic visits of both teachers and students, and integrated more elements of Chinese traditional culture in the training of foreign students.

In the future, the SHA will focus on discipline and specialty construction, promote interdisciplinary integration, and actively participate in the development of campus culture, so as to support SLU in cultivating high-quality financial professionals.