Relying on the background of financial industry, the school of Information Management (hereinafter referred to as SIM) is committed to become a school with distinctive features of financial information and distinguishing feature of application-oriented in Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance.

Focusing on the cultivation of professional talents who are practical and innovative with global outlook, SIM has gradually established its unique research feature in the area of Intelligent Finance and has paid great attention to the integration of finance and informatics in terms of its scientific research and industrial service.

The development of students’ professionalism in the area of financial informatics has been highly valued in the school and SIM actively undertakes various programs like competitions, innovative project trainings and internships to develop students' professional skills.

Currently, the school has 4 undergraduate majors and 1 junior college major. At present, SIM covers the main disciplines of Information Management through the department of Computer Science, the department of Data Science and Big Data Technology, the department of Information Management and System, the Department of E-Commerce as well as the Computer Foundation department. By the end of 2019, SIM boasts 71 faculty members, among whom 4 are professors, 25 are associate professors and 9 are master supervisors.

The school has carried out the construction of the central financial big data management and control platform, underlying database, featured database as well as more than 10 related sub projects. This has finally formed a basic platform with financial foundation data and part of featured data, which can provide the basic management functions in terms of big data management and control.

Scientific research, both academic and applied, is the main focus of the school’s development. SIM regularly carries out academic exchange activities to create a good academic research atmosphere. According to the statistics of the last 5 years to the end of 2019, the school has won one general program of National Natural Science Foundation of China, one general project of National Social Science Fund of China and one general project of Humane Social Science of Education Ministry. Besides, faculty members in SIM have published more than 10 A-type papers and more than 20 B-type papers.

International cooperation and exchange is one of SIM’s significant features and advantages. At present, SIM has established various forms of collaborative partnerships with New Jersey Institute of Technology and Chiba University of Commerce in terms of faculty exchanges, scientific research, and student exchange annually.