1. Overview of the School of International Economics and Trade 

With the Departments of Economics, International Trade and International Business, the School of International Economics and Trade offers three corresponding undergraduate programs. There are has 102 faculty members and administrative staffs, including 85 full-time teachers (including 3 teachers on tenure track). The School also has 2 specially-appointed professors (also “Famous International Teachers” of Shanghai) and about 20 part-time professors.

2. Faculty (Quantity, Structure and High-Level Talent Construction) 

Among the full-time teachers, there are 75 (88%) with a doctoral degree, 6 (7%) with a master degree and 4 (5%)with a bachelor degree. There are 9 (11%) senior teachers and 27 (32%) sub-senior teachers among the full-time teachers. There are 11 teachers (13%) aged above 50 YO, 74 teachers (87%) aged 30 to 49 YO.

A total of 32 teachers (38%) enjoy the experience of experiences of study, further education, or academic visit overseas for more than 1 year. More than 30 teachers (40%) hold a double professionally title.

3. Student

There are nearly 1600 students. In recent years, graduates have been widely employed in financial institutions, Chinese and foreign-funded enterprises, public institutions, government departments and other fields, and have been highly praised by employers.