The School consists of the CPC Committee Office, the Teaching Affairs Office, 6 Teaching and Research Offices, the Sports Competition Office, the Group Work Office, the Fencing Management Center, and the Sports and Health Promotion Management Center. There are 55 teachers and 6 administrative and supporting employees, including 15 teachers with senior professional titles, 31 lecturers, and 9 teaching assistants. Among them, a total of 3 teachers have doctoral degrees and 43 have master's degrees. The faculty is relatively stable in terms of its size, and is responsible for the tasks of physical education, sports training, and group competitions for the entire University.

The School of Physical Education and Health takes Health First as the guiding principle, centers on physical education, and focuses on strengthening teaching management and faculty construction to develop the lifetime sport consciousness of students, enhance their sports skills, and train them into aspiring, moral, educated and disciplined talents with a healthy body. In the process of development, the School will continue to deepen teaching reforms, focus on improving the quality of education, and comprehensively advance teaching, research, competition, training, etc. by exploring innovative practical teaching modes, and enhancing teaching and research-driven training and competition effectiveness.

The School boasts 1 national-level excellent course, 3 municipal-level excellent courses, 3 university-level excellent courses, 7 university-level pilot ideological and political education courses, and more than 10 university-level key courses; it offers nearly 30 sports techniques and skills courses, and 6 sports knowledge courses. In recent years, the teachers of the School have published 1 category-A research paper, 4 category-B papers, 3 category-C papers in core journals, and 4 category-D papers in core journals, and have led more than 30 research projects at various levels, including 1 Ministry of Education project and nearly 20 projects approved by commissions and bureaus.

SLU is the chairman of the Fencing Branch of the Federation of University Sports of China, the chairman of the Fencing Branch of the Federation of University Sports of Shanghai, the chairman of the Taekwondo Branch of the Federation of University Sports of Shanghai, and the Pilot University for Shanghai Professional Fencing Team’s Sports and Education Integration Reform Program. Characterized and guided by the sports-education integration, the School strives to promote the development of fencing, football, and taekwondo among Shanghai’s college students. Guided by constructing high-level fencing and football teams approved by the Ministry of Education and a high-level taekwondo team at the Shanghai municipal level, the School is establishing a characteristic work system for group competition and promoting SLU’s overall competitive sports and physical education. The School boasts more than 20 sports teams such as fencing, taekwondo, water sports, basketball, aerobics, tennis, etc., which are subject to strict management and scientific training all year round. The sports teams have scored outstanding achievements in municipal competitions, especially the fencing and taekwondo teams that have achieved excellent results in national, provincial, and municipal competitions and exchanges at home and abroad.