Two Courses were Selected into the List of Online Teaching Resources Recommended by the Ministry of Education

By: Zhang Kaiwen/ From: Teaching Affairs Office/ Date:0518,2020/ View:16Set up the

Recently, the Ministry of Education College E-commerce Teaching Steering Committee released the second batch of online teaching resources recommended during the epidemic prevention and control period. After the evaluation of the expert group, Logistics in the charge of Professor Wang Xiaoguang and International Trade in the charge of Professor Bi Yujiang were selected into the list of recommended online teaching resources. Both courses have been launched on the MOOC platform of University of China.

At present, the second course of Logistics is being offered, with 8,754 students learning in the first course and 756 in the second course. Learners can master the basic knowledge and theory of logistics by learning in Logistics course, be familiar with the basic process and operation method of logistics management, understand the development trend of logistics industry at home and abroad, and have certain practical application ability and innovation ability. Meanwhile, the second course of International Trade course is also under way, with 2,482 students learning in the first course and 912 in the second course. Learning International Trade makes learners not only master the theory and policy of the international trade and contemporary international trade frontier issues, but also analyze the economic and trade issues at home and abroad by what they've learned.

The successful selection of two MOOC courses of our university has fully shown that the quality of our university's online open curriculum construction has been recognized by relevant education authorities and learners, which has also expanded the social influence of MOOC courses of our university. Our university will continue to promote the construction of online open courses, and actively offer high-quality online open courses with the characteristics of Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance to provide high quality learning resources for all the learners.