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You can download the 2018 Freshmen Guide for international students to get more information on study and life in China.

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Emergency or Important Phone Number

Emergency Aid

110 Alarm

120 First-aid

119 Fire alarm

Useful Phone Numbers

114 Telephone number inquiry

12117 Time service

12121 Weather forecast

63179090 Railway inquiry

56575500 Ship inquiry

52604620 Flight inquiry (for Hongqiao Airport)

96990   Flight inquiry (for Pudong Airport)

Frequently-used Phone Number on Pudong Campus

International Students Office: 65565443

Security Department’s Office: 68681305

University Guard: 68681951

International Exchange Center Reception: 60930292

Pudong Campus Student Apartment: 50211964


You can buy a traffic card at all subway stations around Shanghai. It requires a small deposit, and holds a balance for use on subway, bus and taxi, etc.


The nearest metro station to our University is No. 12 Metro Station Shen jiang RoadBank and Post Office.


If you take a taxi to the campus, please show this address in Chinese to the driver:


No.995 Shangchuan Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai. (near Minyao Road)

Taxi in Shanghai charge RMB 14 for the first 3 Kilometers and RMB 2.4 for every extra kilometer. Taxi in Shanghai belong to different companies. When you pay the taxi fee, please ask the driver for a receipt in case you leave your belongings in the car.

Be careful of illegal taxi, which have been known to try and cheat people out of money.

大众Dazhong/ 96822

强生Qiangsheng/ 62580000

锦江Jinjiang/ 96961

海博Haibo/ 96965

Bus (Destination)

No.993: Metro Line 12 Jin Hai Road Station, Line 6 Jin Qiao Station, Pudong Lujiazui, Dongfang Hospital

No.790: Metro Line 12 Jin Hai Road Station, Metro Line 2/4/6/9 Century Avenue Station, Gulu Police Station

No.630: Metro Line 12 Jin Hai Road Station, Line 6 Yun shan Road Station

Cailu Line: Metro Line 12 Jin Hai Road Station, Line 6 De Ping Road Station

Caolu 2 Line: Metro Line 12 Shen Jiang Road Station, Metro Line 6 Jufeng Road

Pudong 20 Line: Metro Line 2 Tang Zhen Station

Caolu Post Office

Add: No.329 Chuansha Road Business

hour: 8:00 a.m-16.30 p.m

China Construction Bank Caolu Branch

Add: No.1685 Shangchuan Road Business

hour: 8:00 a.m-16.30 p.m

Furthermore, there is 24-hour self-service bank on campus, such as ICBC, Agriculture Bank of China (ABC), Bank of Communications. The nearest bank and post office is on the right of intersection between Chuansha Road and Shangchuan Road (to student dormitory) in front of International Exchange Center. In addition, there is 24-hour self-service bank on campus, such as ABC (ground floor of complex building) ICBC and Bank of Communications.

Map of Pudong Campus