Emergency Pioneer in Action to Work Together for Fighting Epidemic

By: Zhang Jinjing, Xu Yinsheng/ From: CPC sub-Committee/ Date:0508,2020/ View:10Set up the

On the morning of May 8, at the launching ceremony of the university's simulation exercise of epidemic prevention and control at the beginning of the new term, Li Shiping, chair of the University Council, awarded the flag of the emergency management team for epidemic prevention and control of Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance to Wang Jing, chair of CPC sub-Committee, marking that the emergency management team would be fully put into the front line of campus epidemic prevention and control. More than 30 members of the first and second batch of emergency management teams participated in the flag awarding ceremony, 17 of whom participated in the simulation exercise and were on duty at the front-line posts of scheduled bus, school entrance, canteen, invigilator classroom and student dormitory to measure body temperature and maintain order.


The emergency management team is a volunteer team of teaching staff led by the CPC sub-Committee. There are 155 members, including 152 party members and 52 party leaders. The emergency management team is mainly arranged at the time node when the school faculty and staff return to work and the graduating class students return to study in batches. It is dedicated to the front-line work positions urgently needed for the prevention and control of campus epidemic, to ensure the life safety, physical health and stable operation of teachers and students.


According to the overall arrangement of epidemic prevention and control of the University, the CPC sub-Committee scientifically sets up the duty posts of the emergency management team, reasonably distributes the number of posts, carefully sorts out the post responsibilities, and determines the operation mode that the normal demand posts shall be in the charge of the Party Branch in turns and the special demand posts shall be arranged by the CPC sub-Committee as a whole. While guiding the Party Branch and party members to give full play to their vanguard and exemplary role, it's still required to strengthen the guidance of management and education.

 On April 29, members of the emergency management team participated in the school's epidemic prevention and control training. After pre-service training, from April 30, the first batch composed of 28 team members wearing Red Vest were put into the front-line posts for scheduled buses temperature measurement and order maintenance, school entrance order maintenance, canteen temperature measurement and order maintenance and food waste classification in the office area. During the trial operation, the emergency management team members were all on duty on time, actively communicated with each other and fed back the problems in time, and constantly improved and refined the service time, post responsibilities and operation process to ensure the orderly and smooth progress of all works.


(Photographer: Zhang Jiawei, Wenxin, Jiang Qinxinet al.)