The Last 100-Day Sprint Action for 2020 Employment

By: Han Chen/ From: Admission and Employment Office/ Date:0519,2020/ View:10Set up the

In order to implement the important instructions of President Xi Jinping at the deployment meeting to coordinate and promote the prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemic and the economic and social development, implement the deployment requirements of the State Council’s executive meeting, and take multiple measures to do a good job in promoting the graduate employment, Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance organized the “Last 100-Day Sprint Action” (the employment promotion meeting for 2020 graduates ) in the Student Activity Center of the Pudong Campus in the afternoon of May 18th. Li Shiping (Chair of the University Council), Gu Xiaomin (Vice President), and Zhu Yabing (Vice President) attended the meeting. Also, the leaders of the Schools, all instructors of the 2020 graduating classes, and all staff of the Admission and Employment Office attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Wang Junhua (Vice Chair of the University Council and Vice President).

Li Shiping highly praised the employment promotion measures (strict organization and leadership, continuous occupational guidance, non-stopped job recommendation, and continued online services) during the epidemic period, and proposed three requirements for the employment work in the last 100-day period.

The first is to enhance the understanding on the extreme importance and urgency of employment promotion. The whole University should work together in accordance with the Party Central Committee’s and the State Council’s deployment for “keeping employment stable”, take it serious as a major and urgent political task, and go all out to promote the employment in a practical way.

The second is to involve all relevant staff in the employment promotion. In the sprint stage, all relevant functional departments and Schools should prioritize the employment of graduates by taking the responsibility to enhance the practical works and creating a good atmosphere with higher coordination and collaboration.

The third is to take proactive actions to ensure the promotion of graduate employment. Facing the tough job market, all relevant functional departments and Schools should highlight the key points and pay close attention to the implementation. Specifically, refine the work measures, thoroughly study the employment situation for graduates, and formulate and implement a specific plan for the Last 100-Day Sprint; innovate working methods on the basis of the new situation and new demands, promote the process reengineering for employment services, and create a multi-level “cloud employment” system; strengthen precision services, care more for graduates, and implement “one strategy for one student” dynamic management and differential guidance. We will resolutely win the battle in promoting the employment of the 2020 graduates.

Wang Junhua requires all Schools and Departments to earnestly study and implement the instructions of the meeting, get everyone involved for continuous and precise services, integrate resources, and inspire students to face the challenge and turning it into opportunities. The University is confident in completing the goals and tasks concerning the employment of the 2020 graduates.

At the meeting, Wang Shuzhen (Director of the Admission and Employment Office) analyzed the current employment situation of general college graduates and the University’s 2020 graduates, and elaborated on the “Last 100-Day Sprint Action” (6 major plans) especially formulated by the Office, including the vocational guidance, the positions recommendation, the employment support, the grassroots-level leadership, the alumni assistance, and the responsibility implementation actions, comprehensively minimizing the impact of the epidemic.

The heads of the Party Committees of the Schools shared specific measures and experience in employment promotion, including: strengthening organization and leadership, formulating promotion policies, establishing a “precision + wisdom” dynamic employment system, exploring and updating industry employment resources, expanding employment channels, mastering the profile of graduates, establishing the standing book of “one strategy for one student”, inspiring students to take the initiative, taking multiple measures to help students with difficulties, and enhancing employment coverage.


(Photo by Wen Xin)