SLU Completed the 2020 Network-based Remote Postgraduate Entrance Re-examination

By: Shen xiaohuan/ From: CPC Committee Graduate Students Office/ Date:0616,2020/ View:10Set up the

From May 30th to 31st, Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance successfully completed the 2020 network-based remote postgraduate entrance re-examination under the support of relevant departments. A total of 141 candidates participated in the remote reexamination online, which was the first that SLU carried out this work through the remote network.

This year ushered in the new records in the number of graduate students applying for the University and the number of primarily qualified candidates who took SLU as their first choice. Facing the new situation and requirements, the Universities leaders have attached great importance to the postgraduate admission-related work. Li Shiping (Chair of the University Council) made an overall deployment for the network-based remote re-examination work. Gu Xiaomin (Vice President) held and chaired the leadership group meeting for the postgraduate admission and the meeting for re-examination coordination and promotion to discuss the work plan; she emphasized advance planning, precise implementation, careful deployment, and strict management to ensure the perfect completion of the re-examination work. All relevant departments were required to perform their own functions in an orderly way.

In order to ensure the rigorous and standard process and the fair and equitable re-examination, the University has successively formulated Work Methods for the 2020 Re-examination-based Postgraduate Admission, Plan for the Network-based Remote Re-examination, Rules for the Implementation of the Network-based Remote Re-examination, Epidemic Prevention Plan for the Re-examination, Rules for the Examination Room in the Network-based Remote Re-examination and other guidance documents, carried out training on the remote re-examination platform, and made clear requirements and deployment for the re-examination work of the Schools. Questionnaires were used to master every candidate’s software and hardware conditions and know their preparation for the remote re-examination. Besides, the University also guided the candidates with the instructions for network-based remote re-examination, the notice on the remote reexamination, and the rules for the re-examination room, and carefully, rigorously and standardly arranged the re-examination-related works (concerning hardware and software, network conditions, process, etc.). The School of Accounting actively trained relevant staff on the discipline education, business and system operation, sufficiently prepared the equipment, staff and site, formulated emergency plans for various cases, carried out several internal simulation exercises, and organized a full-flow simulation, tested and checked every candidate’s hardware equipment, re-examination environment and network conditions, and helped the candidates to be familiar with the dual-camera setup and the re-examination software, to ensure smooth and orderly re-examination process.

During the postgraduate re-examination period, SLU established 15 re-examination groups, gathered more than 70 experts in the re-examination process, and strengthen the training of the experts and management staff in the policy, business, discipline and operation. Gu Xiaomin and staff from relevant departments visited the re-examination site and supervised and guided the work. Bi Yujiang (Head of Graduate Students Office) presided over the re-examination teacher training meeting and emphasized the disciplinary requirements and relevant key points. Shao Jun (Dean of the School of Accounting) explained the re-examination procedures and related work requirements. Zhao Lihui (Party Secretary of the School of Accounting) and the leaders of the School of Accounting had been responsible for the organization and coordination at the re-examination site throughout the whole process. In order to ensure the fairness, justice and rationality of the re-examination, SLU strictly implemented the reexamination work requirements of “one platform, two identifications, three randomizations, and four comparisons” proposed by the Ministry of Education, and uniformly constructed “a main platform” and “a standby platform” for the remote re-examination, which allowed the candidates to take part in the re-examination in the dual-camera mode to ensure their standardized actions in the re-examination. The remote re-examination platform was connected to the “Population Information Database” of the Ministry of Public Security. Before starting the re-examination, the candidates went through “face identification” and “ID identification”, which were compared with “the Examination Application Library”, “Education Background Library” and “Student Integrity Archives” of China Credentials Verification website. The whole process of the re-examination was recorded in a dual mode (videos and audios) with the special cameras and screen recording software in the examination rooms to guarantee the monitorability, reproductivity and traceability. The working mechanism of “three randomizations” (random student orders, random supervisor group members, and random test questions) was established to ensure the justice and equity. The Graduate Students Office, the School of Accounting, the CPC Committee Publicity Office & Department of Teachers Affairs, the CPC Committee Security Department, the Teaching Affairs Office, the Department of Logistics and Services, the Information Technology Office, the Center for Teaching and Faculty Development and other departments cooperated closely to ensure the ordered organization, seamless online-offline connection and smooth linkage of the re-examination flow.

     (Photo by Wen Xin)