SLU Postgraduates Finished Thesis Defense Online

By: Wang Qi/ From: School of Accounting / Date:0526,2020/ View:10Set up the

On May 23, 93 graduate students majoring in auditing participated in the online oral defense of graduate dissertations. The defense was mainly conducted through Ding Talk online videos and attended by members of the defense committee, students involved and defense secretaries throughout the process.


The students presented and reported their graduate dissertations through screen sharing. After carefully reviewing the theses and listening to the reports, the experts of the defense committee raised questions for the students to answer and made relevant comments and suggestions. During the process, the defense secretaries captured proper screenshots, kept them on file, and used software to record the whole meeting. According to the students' reports and their answers to the questions, the experts assessed the academic values of the theses and the defense performances before they determined whether the defenders passed the oral defense through a secret ballot. Then, they graded the theses from several indexes and formed the final decisions. As the meeting went well as planned, the teachers and students had full, in-depth academic exchanges on the theses.


To ensure the smoothness and high quality of the meeting, the School of Accounting made a comprehensive arrangement for the online defense. The school specially devised the defense process of graduate dissertations through videos, offering detailed descriptions and guidance concerning the organized way, technical instructions, online voting, filing of defense materials, and some other aspects. All of these were done to guarantee that everything was smooth and orderly when the meeting was officially held.


The students expressed their gratitude to the university for organizing the thesis defense online, which helped them overcome the inconvenience brought by the epidemic and enabled them to graduate without a hitch. This defense played a positive role in fostering graduated graduate students during the outbreak of COVID-19, as it provided a guarantee for them to graduate and leave school on time while ensuring the degree-awarding quality.

(Pictures provided by Wang Qi)