Shanghai Education and Health Expert Group Came to SLU to Supervise the Employment Process

By: Zhang Sha/ From: Admission and Employment Office;/ Date:0612,2020/ View:10Set up the

On June 10, the expert group including Wang Ping (a deputy secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Education and Health Party Committee), Ding Li, (Director of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission), Wang Hengdi, (a deputy leader of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team of the Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission stationed at Shanghai Municipal Education Commission), and Dai Yong (a deputy director of the Supervision Office of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission), Chen Lei (Director of the Employment and Entrepreneurship Guidance Center of Shanghai Institute of Technology) and others visited Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance (SLU) to supervise the employment process. SLU leaders, Li Shiping, Wang Junhua, Gu Xiaomin, and Zhu Yabing, attended the meeting. Also present were the heads of the CPC Committee Office, the President’s Office, the Students Affairs Department, the Graduate Students Office, the Teaching Affairs Office and the Admission and Employment Office and the deputy party secretaries of SLU Schools.


The expert group listened to Wang Junhua’s report on the student employment process of SLU since the epidemic. Wang Ping pointed out that, as a financial university with distinctive characteristics, SLU had a good foundation for student employment, and hoped that SLU would make persistent efforts and push the work to a new level. Affected by the epidemic, the employment landscape has been very grim in 2020. The employment of graduates has been the top priority of SLU work. He hoped SLU, CPC Committee and government leaders would attach importance to it. The Shanghai Municipal Government and Shanghai Municipal Education Commission have released a series of policies to promote the employment of college/university students. Schools should sort out policies, find directions, and formulate a strategy of one-policy-for-one-student based on their graduates’ unemployment. Besides, schools should pay attention to the employment of graduates in key regions and special groups, especially the employment status of graduates from Hubei Province (Wuhan City, etc.) and 52 impoverished counties, and care for and guide them, help them find employment opportunities, and increase the employment rates. It is necessary to strengthen the responsible parties, and involve all staff in the student employment work. Internally, schools must extensively mobilize teachers to actively participate in students’ employment promotion. Externally, schools should closely contact industry associations, properly organize offline recruitment fairs, and comprehensively promote the employment progress of graduates.


Li Shiping said that SLU was confident to complete the graduate employment task this year. SLU would further improve the internship plan for graduates and the production, education and research base plan, mine internal and external resources, mobilize the enthusiasm of teachers in this aspect, and seize the golden time to do everything possible to promote graduates’ employment.


On behalf of the supervision group, Chen Lei made an overall evaluation of SLU’s employment work, praised the leaders’ attention, work characteristics, experience and practice, and proposed suggestions for improvement from the precise policy execution, the provision of career mentors, the good application of employment policies, and the attention to special groups. Wang Hengdi pointed out that SLU had established a solid foundation for the employment promotion in the early stage, and should well implement the employment promotion policies at all levels (both state and local policies) and continue to strengthen the CPC Committee’s concern and guidance for employment work.


The expert group inspected SLU’s employment work, read and checked the employment-related materials since 2020, and had a discussion with relevant responsible staff of Graduate Students Office and the SLU Schools.


(Photos by Jiang Qinxin)