SLU Students Celebrated a Special Centenarian’s Birthday in the “Cloud”

By: Xiao You/ From: Alumni Affairs and Education Development Office/ Date:0611,2020/ View:10Set up the

Master Pan Qizhan’s centennial birthday came in this year. On June 5th, the teacher and student representatives of Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance (SLU) went to visit Master Pan in Tianjin, and presented the high respect and birthday blessing from Li Shiping (Chair of the University Council) and all SLU teachers and students.


Pan is the daughter of Pan Xulun (the former president of SLU). At Pan’ home located in the Family Area of Nankai University, the students presented her a peach-shaped birthday cake and flowers, and slowly unfolded an exquisite scroll, where there is a Chinese word “寿” (Shou; it means “live long”) measuring about 67 * 67 cm², a upper dedication to the recipient “恭祝潘屺瞻先生福如东海长流水寿比南山不老松” (it means “sincerely wish Master Pan Qizhanas beatific as the water which is forever flowing in Donghai Sea and as longevous as the pinasters which are never old in Mountain Nanshan”.) and a lower description of the presenter and time “庚子年夏立信师生赠” (it means “Presented from SLU teachers and students in the summer of 2020”.) on the red Chinese art paper with scattered decorative golden spots, showing the deep affection and blessings to her.


During this special anti-epidemic period, in addition to the teachers and students present, dozens of students from different places expressed their blessings to the centenarian through videos, and celebrated her 100thbirthday in the cloud. Although staying far away, the student representatives from Xinjiang, Guangxi, Guizhou, Sichuan, Zhejiang and other provinces ormunicipalitiesexpressed their wishes and blessingsin the cloud, and deliveredthe admiration and love of SLU students. Pan Qizhan kindly greeted and chatted with the students, and the warm and joyful atmosphere filled the whole room.


Pan Qizhan talked about his father Pan Xulun’s past events and hardship in establishing SLU, and gave a lively lesson on SLU history and affection to the teachers and students present. She left footprints in every campus of SLU. She and Gu Zhun (an accounting scientist and economist) are childhood friends. Also, she once worked as an intern in SLU during her middle school period. She mentioned the names of SLU teachers in the early days, the scenes of their interaction, and thecampus stories as if enumerating her family valuables.


Pan Qizhan and her husband lived frugally, yet supported President Pan Xulun to donate three residences in Shanghai to run the school. They declined capacious houses arranged by the municipal government four times, and donated all their savings to SLU as “the Pan Xulun Scholarship Fund” to reward excellent students.

(Photos by: Xiao You)