SLU Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with SSA

By: Zhang Shu’an/ From: School of Finance/ Date:0619,2020/ View:10Set up the

On the morning of June 18th, the signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation framework agreement between Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance (SLU) and Shanghai Securities Association (SSA) was held at the Pudong campus of SLU. Zhu Yabing (Vice President of SLU), Tong Wei (Head of the Insurance Department of Shanghai Securities Regulatory Commission), Zhao Lixia (Deputy Director of the Higher Education Department of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission), Wang Pinling (Head of SLU Teaching Affairs Office), Zhang Wei (Secretary General of SSA), and responsible persons from Xulun Equity Investment Company and nearly 20 securities companies attended the meeting presided over by Zhang Yun (Deputy Dean of Administration of SLU School of Finance).

Zhu Yabing pointed out in his speech that the agreement would effectively promote the cultivation of financial talents and the coordinated development of industry-university-research cooperation. With the leaders’ attention, departments’ support and extensive participation, it is expected that, guided by the principles of sharing resources, complementing each other’s advantages and cooperating with each other for win-win achievements, SLU and SSA will achieve excellent results on the industry-education integration for joint development, serving the high-quality integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, and actively contributing to constructing Shanghai as an international financial center and a global asset management center.

Zhao Lixia believed that the agreement initiated a new model of friendly cooperation between Shanghai local colleges and the securities industry, and hoped that SLU would use this opportunity to infiltrate the concept of industry-university collaboration into the whole process of student-centered and output-oriented talents cultivation, take the initiative to know enterprises’ demands in talents, actively adjust and improve the arrangement of related programs and majors, carry out in-depth education and teaching reform, and continuously improve the cultivation of innovative, inter-disciplinary, and applied talents.

According to Tong Wei, Shanghai Securities Regulatory Commission has been committed to implementing the new Securities Law, practically safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of investors, carrying out investor protection activities, and constructing the concept of “major insurance”. The framework agreement is of great significance to the popularization and education of financial knowledge and to financial practitioners. He hoped that it would become a turning point in the construction of investment education, and securities traders could broaden their thinking and actively develop the construction of investment education bases.

In addition, Zhang Wei expressed that in order to deeply implement the spirits of Memorandum of Cooperation on Strengthening the Popularization and Education of Securities and Futures Knowledge jointly issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Ministry of Education, investor education was included in the national education system, and new requirements were proposed on the investment education work jointly carried out by the securities industry and the education system. It is hoped that both parties can work together to explore and advance the cultivation of finance and economics professional quality and the education of investment in universities and colleges.

Wang Pinling introduced the production, teaching and research work of SLU, and indicated that SLU has adhered to the principles “complementing each other’s advantages, making mutual benefits, sharing resources, and cooperating with each other for win-win achievements”, deeply explored and integrated high-quality social resources, expanded the fields for industry-university-research cooperation, explored and constructed a corresponding cooperation system characterized by comprehensive and in-depth integration, innovated the cooperation patterns, promoted industry-education combination, and constantly improved the effect of cooperation and education.

Moreover, SLU School of Finance also signed student internship agreements with several securities traders.

Under the recommendation of Xulun Equity Investment Company, the two parties finally signed the agreement after a year of hard work. This marks the official start of the strategic cooperation between SLU and SSA, which will further share advantageous resources, explore the cultivation of the professional qualities in colleges and universities, promote student internship and employment, and help the construction of the applied undergraduate programs. The cooperation will become a model of university-security industry integration and development, and serve the construction of an international financial center in Shanghai.

(Photos Provided by Zhang Shu’an)