12 Courses Approved as Municipal Key Courses of Universities in Shanghai

By: Guo Jialin/ From: Teaching Affairs Office/ Date:0925,2020/ View:10Set up the

On September 24, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission published the list of Shanghai municipal key courses of universities in 2020. All 12 courses including Introduction to Financial Technology submitted by SLU were approved and included in the list. In accordance with the requirements of the Notice of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission on the Application for Approval of Shanghai Municipal Key Courses of Universities in 2020 (HJWG No. 33 Document of 2020), SLU arranged for the schools to propose candidates for municipal key courses and apply for approval, and provided guidance from course selection, application form filling, expert review to online information submission to ensure that the courses submitted fully meet the requirements, laying a good foundation for all the candidates to get approved.

According to the regulations of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, the development period of the approved courses is two years, i.e. from September 2020 to August 2022. SLU will strengthen the follow-up management of and guidance on development of the courses approved, provide funding support, develop the courses in accordance with the course development plan, in order to ensure that the results meet the expected goals, lay a foundation for subsequent development into national and municipal first-class courses, and also contribute to its training of high-quality professional financial talents.

List of approved Shanghai municipal key courses of universities in 2020 submitted by SLU


Course name

Course Director

Course type


Introduction to Financial Technology

Gu Xiaomin

Online and offline course


Management Communication

Zhang Yiqiang

Online and offline course


Modern Payment Fundamentals

Liu Lan

Online and offline course


International Trade Practice

Kong Jiongjiong

Online and offline course


Supply Chain Management

Zhang Yibin

Online and offline course


Corporate Strategy and Risk Management

Lin Zhenxing

Online and offline course


Corporate Finance

Jiang Huadong

Online and offline course


Sample Survey

Fang Maozhong

Online and offline course


Financial Planning

Lun Xiaobo

Online and offline course


Classic Chinese Literature

Yao Huilan

Online and offline course


Entrepreneurship Development

Luo Yueling

Online and offline course


International Investment

Yang Ji

Course taught in English