Shanghai Fin-tech Research Center Held the First Fin-tech Seminar

By: Liu Xiaoyu/ From: School of Fin-tech/ Date:0917,2020/ View:10Set up the

On September 16th, in order to explore the hot spots and focus in the field of fin-tech and promote the exchange of academic achievements, Shanghai Fin-tech Research Center held a theme seminar involving the members of the research group of the Center and SLU teachers. Gu Xiaomin (Vice President of SLU), the project leaders and researchers of the Center, leaders and key teachers of the School of Fin-tech participated in the Seminar. Professor Feng Shujun (the chief expert of the Business Think Tank Center of Shanghai Business School, and the deputy director of Shanghai Urban Public Security Research Center) served as the keynote speaker of Seminar themed on Special Report Counselling.

In terms of writing special reports, Prof. Feng shared his years of experiences in topic selection, research/investigation and material collection, explained in detail the types, styles, topic selection and particulars, commented on the mid-term results of the research group members one by one, and presented his own special report as a case study. He pointed out that the special reports are characterized by focusing on micro points, highlighting professional and key points, conversational expression, completeness, verifiability, non-unification and other features. Meanwhile, he suggested that the Center should establish a special report resource database to summarize the key points and social concerns in real time. At the Seminar, the teachers shared ideas and questions freely and actively on the difficulties and key points encountered.

Gu Xiaomin put forward three requirements. First, the specially invited researchers and members of the research group of the Center should correspond to current social problems, be forward-looking, maintain the sense of scholars’ social responsibility, face difficulties bravely, write special reports with meaningful and instructive suggestions on social problems, and give full play to our advantages for joint development. 2. Highlight innovation, focus on innovating financial service mechanism, and further improve the quality of special reports. 3. Highlight the pertinence and timeliness, and put forward prospective and operable suggestions to improve the adoption rate of special reports. The Seminar was presided over by Yin Linsen (the deputy dean of the School of Fin-tech; administrative work).


(Photos by Liu Xiaoyu)